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December 15, 2003

Supporting Deaf People Online Conference 2004

From: Direct Learn Services Ltd. - Dec 15, 2003

Supporting Deaf People 2004 - International Online Conference

Registration for this conference is now open. Attend this conference from the comfort of your own desktop.

It will run from the 12th to the 19th of February 2004 and will address two themes: 'Ethics & Professionalism' and 'Language'.

Three keynote speakers have been confirmed:

- Betsy Winston (USA) on Language skills of educational interpreters - what is the effect on Deaf people?
- Graham H. Turner (UK) on Challenging institutionalised 'audism'
- Tyron Woolfe (UK) on Employment and Deaf people

Workshops will be on the following issues:

- David Jackson (UK) on Teaching English to Deaf learners - the Deaf way!
- Micky Vale (UK) on 'Supporting Deaf students in foreign language classes - the support worker's perspective'
- Onno Crasborn and Maya de Wit (NL) on Language politics v. interpreter ethics
- Kellie L. Stewart and Anna Witter-Merithew (USA) on Ethical decision making for interpreters
- Lorraine Leeson and Susan Foley-Cave (IRL) on Refections on the challenges of interpreting semantics and pragmatics in an Irish context

More information, how an online conference works and speaker profiles can been seen at the conference web site at

If you sign up for the conference before the 1st of January the cost is £30/$50/43 Euros, if you wait until next year the cost will be £40/$65/57 Euros. You can register online at

Who is the conference for?

The conference is aimed at all those involved in the support of Deaf people and Deaf people themselves. This includes: Deaf people, Support Service Co-ordinators, Sign Language Interpreters, trainee interpreters, lecturers for Deaf people, interpreting agencies and support service providers as well as Deaf students, clients and trainers of interpreters.

What is an online conference?

An online conference uses the internet as a conference 'venue'. Participants are given a password to access the various conference and seminar groups as well as a live chat room. Participants can log in at any time from any place and the conference is text based, so no extra equipment/software is needed. Anyone with access to the internet can participate. Participants will have the opportunity to have a look at the conference site in advance of the conference to familiarise themselves with the layout of the site.

Why have an online conference?

Traditional conferences require a physical location so participants have to travel and stay in a particular place. Using an online conference means that participants can access the conference from anywhere in the world and can do this at any time - whether it is midnight in Britain or 11am in Australia. Participants will be able to log on as little or as much as they wish to - before, after or during office hours. A summary of discussions will be available each day.

If you have questions, please contact:

Judith Mole

Direct Learn Services Ltd.