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December 7, 2003

Petition: To the DVD Producers

To: Various DVD producers

To the DVD producers,

This petition represents the deaf community of North America. The topic are the English subtitling/captioning issues on the majority of current DVD productions on the market.

The majority of the movie titles are captioned/subtitled, but the bonus/special features aren't.

As far as I am aware of the situation, Paramount is one of the very few DVD makers who has captioned most of their DVDs fully including the bonus materials. I am not blaming nor scolding anybody for failing to caption the bonus materials, I am bringing the issues to you because we feel that some producers may not be aware of our needs.

I and the deaf community would appreciate it very much so if the major studios take interests on the situation.

Thank you for giving up a minute of your life to listen. We hope it meant something to you.


The Undersigned