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December 13, 2003

Petition: Closed Captioned on All Promotional and Product Installation Videos/DVDs

Dear Friends:

Have you ever purchased a product with a product installation video/DVD only to find that it was useless due to the lack of closed captioning? Or have you ever watched a promotional video/DVD at a trade show or a sales meeting wondering what they were saying and you not feeling comfortable enough to ask a sales person a few questions about the product?

Currently there are manufacturers who don’t feel that having their promotional and/or product installation master tapes/DVD captioned would justify spending approximately $300 - $400 (for each 10-minute master tape/DVD) because they don’t get any requests for closed captioning. I just wanted to let you know this was going on and of one of the efforts to promote full communication access and to get them to caption their promotional and /or product installation video/DVD for their deaf/hard of hearing consumers. Following is an address to sign a petition online addressing this problem.

If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing you note sent from you to your friends, can makespecially effective contribution to the petition. A successful petition is a grassroots collaborative effort, and now it's your turn.

The power of the Internet is in your hands -- so spread the word!