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December 1, 2003

Cedar Rapids Theatre Offers Alternative to $7 Movie Tickets

From: KCRG, IA - Dec 1, 2003

By KCRG-TV9 News Reporter Kent Lee - TV9 Cedar Rapids Newsroom

Going to the movies in Cedar Rapids isn't always easy on the pocket book. Tickets to an evening show at either one of the Carmike theatres in Cedar Rapids cost more than $7 a piece. It leaves some movie goers wishing for a cheaper alternative. But tickets to a re-vamped movie theatre in Cedar Rapids may prove to be a bargain. The Collins Road Theatres will re-open this coming Friday as a "second-run" theatre.

After being closed for 2 years the new Collins Road Theaters has been completely remodeled with 5 news screens, new seats and a new sophisticated sound system. But the best part is the price $4 for adults and just $3 for matinees, kids, and seniors.

Movie theatre owner Bruce Taylor, told TV9, "We'll be showing second run movies, movies that were popular at the first run theaters in town. We'll also be showing independent films, many that are first run films for the Cedar Rapids area."

Another unique feature the theatre will offer is something called open captioning What that does is allow anyone who's deaf or hearing impaired to see a mainstream movie, like "Elf" for example, with captioning right across the bottom of the screen.

If you're someone who likes a lot of butter on your popcorn, the theatre offers self- serve butter, so you can put as much on as you like.

The Collins Road Theatres will be showing these four movies when it opens this Friday. "Second Hand Lions", "School of Rock", "Open Range", and the independent film "Lost in Translation."

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