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October 27, 2003

Mep backs deaf campaign

From: Harlow & Bishop's Stortford The Citizen, UK - Oct 27, 2003

By Citizen reporter

LOCAL Euro MP Richard Howitt has backed the Royal National Insitute for the Deaf's (RNID) on-going campaign to improve access to television for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Mr Howitt has welcomed the progress made by the Communications Act to ensure broadcasters screeen at least 60 per cent of programmes with subtitles.

Mr Howitt said: "It's very positive all broadcasters will now be screening far more subtitles programme. For many of my constituents, subtitles are of vital importance as they allow people access to braodcast information and entertainment that hearing people take for granted. The RNID has done an excellent job in ensuring more programmes will be subtitles throughout the country."

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