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October 11, 2003

Deaf and Deaf/Blind Patients to Receive Innovative Video-Interpreting for Sign Language with Real-Time Captioning from LifeLinks, LLC

From: Emediawire (press release) - Oct 11, 2003

A little company with revolutionary technology is causing a stir in the healthcare and communications industries and the hospitals are ecstatic over it. LifeLinks LLC provides and enables interpreting services and sign language interpreting at the bedside in a live, interactive videoconference between the patient and the interpreter while also offering the hospitals a source of revenue and a replacement for the "clunky" TV hanging from the ceiling.

Hackensack, N.J.(PRWEB) October 10,2003-- For the first time ever, IP (Internet protocol) can be used to provide a crystal clear 2-way interactive viewing of a distant sign language interpreter to enable a deaf or deaf/blind hospitalized patient to communicate with her/his physician, nurse, relative, classroom, church service, wedding, etc.

Hospitals are switching from plain old TV to bedside, touch-screen 15-inch monitors, which not only are provided at no cost to them, but also provide a source of revenue.

In addition, the interpreting and sign language services reduce lawsuits, patient complaints of not understanding procedures and forms, and enhance compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (equality for disabled persons) and JCAHO guidelines for language accommodation.

How does it work? LifeLinks online video-interpreting and closed captioning technology provides the sign language interpreter with real-time access to the video-interpreting conference, between the patient and the healthcare provider, taking place in the hospital at the bedside, clinic, Emergency Room,Operating Room,Admitting Office, etc., via a computer. The remote captionist accesses the live video-interpreting video, transcribes and transmits it over the Internet,(IDT backbone preferred) back to the presentation location, where it is projected on the user's computer screen. This enables the deaf person, deaf/blind or elderly, without sign language skills, to see and understand the hospital personnel.

Each person can have his/her own private flat panel monitor, if the hospital accepts LifeLinks system package, or the service can be provided over wireless, mobile monitors, such as Tandberg. No other company provides this broad range of services with no financial obligation on the part of the hospital. The service is available on a moment's notice. There is no monthly minimum; LifeLinks bills only for the minutes used.The nurse simply calls LifeLinks and requests either sign language or one of 150 other languages. Within seconds, a full screen interpreter will appear on the patient's monitor ready to see, be seen by, and interpret for, the patient

LifeLinks has offices in Newark and Hackensack, New Jersey as well as New York City. LifeLinks exclusively uses the managed Internet backbone of IDT Corporation, to which it attributes its superior quality. ### Media contact: Eliane Uscher Associates 718-884-4400 or 888-465-HEAL

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