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September 3, 2003

Wireless TTY

From: Lormar Logic - Sept 3, 2003

Press Release

Lormar Logic Company LLC Releases Lormar Wireless Internet TTY and Wireless Relay Operator

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - June 14, 2003 - Lormar Logic Company LLC, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in telecommunication solutions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) today announced the release of its revolutionary Lormar Internet TTYT system. This system allows anyone with an Internet html web browser to place real-time TTY phone calls to any TTY number within the continental United States. TTYs are the text-telephones used by the (D/HH) community.

"Anyone with a wireless web browser, be it on a digital phone, PDA, or whatever, will be able to place wireless TTY phone calls," says Jon B. Sharpe, president of Lormar. "At a time when wireless manufacturers and service providers are scrambling to make their products compatible with TTYs, this release could have an impact on everyone involved in deaf telecommunications."

Compatible web-enabled wireless devices include many units from Research In Motion, Ltd and the SidekickT by T-Mobile, Inc. (Danger, Inc.'s HiptopT), as well as PDA's from PalmT, CompaqT, and HandspringT.

Sharpe also noted, "While this service is similar to IP Relay from Sprint, AT&T, or MCI, those services can only be used for Relay Operator calls, not calls to TTYs. And, they cannot be used from a wireless device. Also, the Lormar system allows for TTY or Relay calling to the device as well - no one else does that either."

Like computer-based IP relay services, Relay Operator calls are free of charge, with no signup required. Gateways for this service are for html browsers like the SidekickT and for wap browsers like the Motorola V100T. Wireless calling to a TTY (other than Relay) requires a service contract at a cost of $54 per year. The gateways for this service are for html browsers and for wap browsers.

As an aside to the product development, it became clear that this new service has other benefits as well: offices, hotel, and other public facilities who have Internet access will have immediate access to a TTY without the purchase of new equipment or software, which may ease the burden of compliance to the Americans With Disabilities Act

Lormar Logic Company is a provider of software-based telecommunication solutions and industrial controls. Additional information may be found at


Media Contact: Jon B. Sharpe - Lormar Logic Company TTY (865) 862-0626 (Customer Service option) Voice (865) 633-5080 Fax (865) 633-5090 E-mail