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September 7, 2003

Dog gobbles hearing aid

From: News24, South Africa - Sept 7, 2003

Yvonne Beyers

Cape Town - One of the "most colourful characters" of the coastal town Rooi Els is virtually deaf and has problems chewing after a naughty Collie made off with his hearing aid and false teeth.

George Rijke, 73, who has been living in Rooi Els for the past 23 years, became the victim of the strange eating habits of his dog, Jakkals, last week.

Author Dine van Zyl, Rijke's neighbour, said Jakkals grabbed his master's hearing aid, false teeth and woollen cap from the nightstand on Wednesday night.

"Jakkals eats anything he can finds and George's garden is covered in shoes, clothes, cans and logs that he has mauled.

"On Thursday morning, George's cap, hearing aid and teeth were missing from his nightstand.

"George later found the remains of his cap in the garden and the bottom part of his teeth under his bed after Jakkals showed him where to find it. The hearing aid is still missing," Van Zyl said.

She said Rijke told her that the dog was very naughty, but highly intelligent.

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