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September 3, 2003

Bible made easier for the deaf

From: SABC News, South Africa - Sep 3, 2003

A test video with six parts of the Bible translated into sign language, has been completed. The video is currently being tried out among the members of the deaf community to determine if it is viable to translate the entire book into sign language.

The six parts that have been translated, include the 10 Commandments, Psalm 23 and a section of the book of Daniel. Several changes were made by bible experts and deaf people after they made various suggestions. Only people that use sign language as a first language took part in the process of translating parts of the Bible. The sections that were translated are depicted as dramas.

At this stage no subtitles are being showed on the video, but deaf people can say if they want subtitles to be used. The video will be shown to hearing-impaired people throughout the country. The test video project is funded by the Free State University and the Bible Fellowship. Final recommendations on the video project will be heard early next year.

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