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August 25, 2003

Virginia Relay Unveils New, Innovative Web Site for the Deaf and All Virginians

From: Devaney & Associates - Aug 25, 2003

Media Contact
Susan Weis
(410) 296-0800

Virginia Relay Unveils New, Innovative Web Site for the
Deaf and All Virginians is a dynamic way
for Virginians to access information and support
for TTY calls and more

August 18, 2003 (Richmond, VA — Ronald Lanier, director of the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH), announced today that Virginia Relay, the free phone system for the deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind and speech disabled, launched its new and improved Web site: The enhanced site will help people new to Virginia Relay – as well as those already familiar with it – to more easily access information and learn about new products and services.

“As a Relay user myself, I know it’s important for information to be at my fingertips,” says Lanier. “I find the new Web site incredibly accommodating and easy to navigate. It really showcases the variety of Virginia Relay technologies and services that help our citizens communicate. The innovative design is really eye-catching and the features are easily accessible.”

For people who are deaf, hard of hearing, vision impaired, DeafBlind or speech disabled, Virginia Relay offers state-of-the-art features designed for their communication needs. Whenever new communication technologies are available, every effort is made to offer them to users as quickly as possible. The Web site will help to accomplish this by highlighting new products and services.

Visit, to access the following:

 Internet Protocol Relay, which permits users to make Relay calls using their computer, Web phone, PDA, or other Internet capable devices
 Information on Spanish Translation, international calls, and directory assistance
 Frequently Asked Questions to common queries, along with a directory listing of VDDHH staff to assist users with any unanswered questions or special requests
 Downloadable brochures and information on news and upcoming events on the “Relay News and Links” pages
 VDDHH’s Technical Assistance Program Web page, which offers free equipment to qualified applicants who need TTYs, handsets, Voice Carryover phones, and visual/audible signalers
 Instructions on setting up confidential password protected profiles that allow Communications Assistants (Relay operators) to know a user’s personal communication and preference
 Information on Video Relay Service (VRS), the latest technology in Relay communication. VRS makes it possible for American Sign Language users to communicate via video conferencing

Virginia Relay is a program of the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Richmond, Virginia. The call center of operations is located in Norton, VA and employs over 100 communications assistants (operators). Over 120,000 calls are processed through the Relay Center each month. It accommodates approximately 615,000 Virginians who are deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, or speech disabled. The service is free and available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, and can be reached simply by dialing 7-1-1.

For more information on Virginia Relay services, please call Virginia Relay Customer Service at 1-800-552-7917 (Voice/TTY). For media contacts or to request interviews, please call Susan Weis, 410-296-0800.
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