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August 13, 2003

Deaf/Mute Victim Of Assault

From: KRGV, TX - Aug 13, 2003

A man is behind bars this evening, accused of sexually assaulting a Brownsville woman. Police say Juan Melendez is charged with the crime. Newschannel Five has learned the victim cannot hear or speak and desperately sought help to communicate with police. Because the victim could not communicate in the traditional way, through speech, she sought the help of friends in order to make police officials understand. Ray Marcano and his wife are friends of the victim. He tells Newschannel Five that the victim' lives in almost total silence. She can't hear, can't speak and does not know sign language. Brownsville Police explain to Newschannel Five that the assault happened in a home on Wilson Street in Brownsville. Marcano says the victim showed up at their house and Marcano's wife quickly noticed her nervousness. She pleaded for help. Marcano says he and his wife put the pieces together and called the police. The couple acted as her translator to the police officers and hospital staff. Newschannel Five did some research and found some resources for the deaf in the valley. If you know someone who needs help call the Valley Association of Independent Living at 781-7733 or the McAllen Regional School For The Deaf at 971-4500.

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