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August 22, 2003

BIGGER DREAMS: A Two Act Play About Deaf Politician Gary Malkowski

From: 1stbooks - Aug 22, 2003


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One Man Illustrates That the Deaf "Can Do Anything But Hear"

New two-act play adapted from biography tells of first culturally deaf, high-level politician

FREMONT, Calif. - Gary Malkowski made history when he was elected to serve in the parliament of the Canadian province of Ontario. He was the first culturally deaf person (one who uses sign language to communicate instead of speaking) ever elected to senior legislative office. In Richard Medugnoís Bigger Dreams: A Two-Act Play About Deaf Politician Gary Malkowski (now available through 1stBooks), his story is made easily accessible to readers looking for an inspirational story about a remarkable life.

Adapted from Medugno's own 300-page biography of Malkowski, this play outlines this exceptional manís early years through his career in the Ontario government. The play begins with the discovery of Garyís deafness as a child, moving through his education at an Ontario provincial deaf school and his struggles with his hearing family. It shows his years at Gallaudet University, climaxing with his return to Canada and historic election to parliament.

Bigger Dreams is ideal for scene analysis in deaf studies, English or theater courses. The playscript format makes Garyís story straightforward, memorable and fun for deaf and sign language students, the deaf community or anyone with an interest in exhilarating biographies. It is a full-length play with 32 acting roles for people who both do or do not know sign language, filled with both humor and heartbreak.

Malkowskiís story is dramatic, engaging and an inspiring testimony that deaf people "can do anything but hear."

Medugno, a Bay Area resident, is a playwright and freelance writer. He met Gary Malkowski while living in Toronto. Medugnoís daughter is profoundly deaf and attends the California School for the Deaf ñ Fremont. A graduate of the University of California Irvineís School of Fine Arts, Medugno studied drama and worked at the Marquis Public Theatre and the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Other works of his have received acclaim, such as Silent Salzburg, a drama about a family concealing their deaf son from the Nazis in 1940s Austria. His play, Celebrity Afterlife, received a "Best New Play" nomination from the San Diego Critics Circle in 1984. His work has also been published in San Jose Mercury News, Fremont Argus, San Diego North County Times, Canadian Hearing Societyís Vibes magazine and the Ontario Medical Review.


Bigger Dreams

is a paperback book, 132 pages long [ISBN # 1-4107-2537-5]. The suggested retail price is $12.95. It is available online in electronic format or hard copy It is also available from, Barnes & Nobles, Borders and in Canada from Chapters Bookstores. The author can be reached at ###

BIGGER DREAMS: A Two-Act Play about Deaf Politician Gary Malkowski by Richard Medugno Now available at ; ; Barnes & Noble; Borders; and Chapters in Canada.