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July 23, 2003

Special SMS tariff for the deaf

From: Cellular-News - Jul 23, 2003

The Indian GSM carrier, Airtel has launched a tariff plan aimed at hard of hearing customers who want to own a mobile phone. The tariff is designed to allow SMS communication only and offers a specially reduced rental rate, free SMS and no holding deposit. The connections are customized to truly suit the necessity of the impaired, and therefore the service is not voice enabled.

For these special customers a non-voice based customer care service has been launched by Airtel, wherein their queries and needs will be addressed through SMS.

Speaking at the launch, Mr.Jagdish Kini, CEO-South Central Region, Bharti Mobile Limited, said, "Airtel today enjoys its position of leadership as we have taken care to understand the different needs of customers. We are, through this product, reaching out to the people in Karnataka who have a special need of communication. We are sure that Airtel Confidence will add value to the lives of those who have not been able to experience the joys of voice communication, and to provide the scope for them too, to live. every moment".

The special scheme can be availed only at the Airtel lobby on Nandidurga Road wherein the customer will have to get the proof of eligibility to avail the services. Upcountry customers also can avail of this service by writing in to the Airtel Lobby on Nandidurga road and the Airtel representatives will meet the applicant before he is given the connection. Under the scheme, all SMSs to any GSM phone anywhere in India would be free. In addition to this, Airtel will offer International SMS at US$0.06 per outgoing SMS.

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