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July 22, 2003

Interim Superintendent Appointed at Arkansas School for the Deaf

From: KATV, AR - Jul 22, 2003

Reporter: Mary Nguyen

Little Rock - A new leader is in place tonight at the Arkansas school for the deaf. The board appointed an interim superintendent after criminal complaints were filed against some members.
A community advocate lodged the complaint with the prosecuting attorney's office, after board members decided to name a single superintendent over both the deaf and blind schools. According to the general attorney's office, having one superintendent for the two schools is against the law.
The Arkansas deaf community is hailing tonight's decision as a victory. Dozens of people cheered as the board announced Marcella Della Rosa as the new interim superintendent for the Arkansas School for the Deaf. Last week, Attorney General Mike Beebe ruled that it is illegal to have a single superintendent serving over two schools (The Arkansas School for the Blind and The Arkansas School for the Deaf). Marcella Della Rosa's new position is effective immediately.

(Houston Nutt Sr./Chairperson) "She has everything it calls for to be a superintendent. She has everything signed and she'll be very good."

(Ernie Northup/AR Assoc. of the Deaf) "The deaf community doesn't really know Marcella very well but for myself i'm very satisfied that she is appointed. She knows the needs of the deaf children and knows the needs of our school. That is a key thing to be aware of when you are the superintendent."

Board members decided to release the former superintendent Sandi Lunestad of her duties on June 5th. Jim Hill was then given the task of serving over the two schools. After today's decision, Jim Hill will serve as the superintendent for the Arkansas School for the Blind.