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July 9, 2003

Deaf Players: Who's Movin' and Shakin'?

From: Deaf Success - Jul 9, 2003


MEDIA CONTACT: Trudy Suggs, Editor

Deaf Players: Who’s Movin’ and Shakin’?

Anaheim, CA [JUNE 16, 2003] - Deaf Success Magazine is pleased to announce the release of its Fall 2003 issue, "Deaf Players: Who's Movin' and Shakin'?"

Read about how DawnSignPress owner Joe Dannis, who is deaf, created a bridge between the deaf and hearing communities by forming a company. DawnSignPress, committed to business growth and aimed at extending its capabilities on a national scale, has proved to be extremely successful.

Other dynamic people featured in the fall issue include Winter Deaflympics chair A. Dwight Benedict, Native American political activist Judy C. Stout, business owner Jim Macfadden, cable television veteran and producer David Pierce, Deaf Women United president Darlene Goncz Zangara, and many more.

The fall issue is sure to be an entertaining read for people of all ages, so don't miss out!

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