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July 31, 2003

Deaf aren’t more careful

From: Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA - Jul 31, 2003

After reading the letter from Elizabeth Rosseter (July 24) regarding deaf drivers, I had to respond. She states: "Since deaf people must rely on their eyes and other physical senses to gather information, they become highly attuned to visual motion."

I agree with that statement, but not in the positive way it was meant. My experience driving behind a deaf driver for several miles, was watching the driver signing to his passenger the whole time I was behind him. As he did this, he was weaving back and forth in his lane. Not only was he signing, he was watching the passenger as she signed back.

To make a dangerous situation almost laughable, was the fact the man had a "Baby on Board" sign in his back window. I guess that was to alert all around him that we were responsible for his baby's safety while in the car, due to the fact it mattered not to him.

Judie Ajeska-White,