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June 10, 2003

Hearing Aid Manufacturer Widex A/S Purchases Multiple Viper SLA Systems

From: Business Wire (press release) - Jun 10, 2003

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    VALENCIA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 10, 2003--3D Systems Corp. (Nasdaq:TDSCE) announced today that Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex A/S has acquired multiple Viper SLA(R) systems for custom manufacturing of "In-the-Ear" (ITE) hearing aids. A pioneer in hearing aid manufacturing, Widex is 1 of 6 major hearing aid companies which have now purchased the Viper SLA system to revolutionize hearing aid manufacturing. Widex will utilize the stereolithography (SLA) systems as part of their worldwide patented manufacturing method for hearing aid production.
    "A new paradigm is occurring in the manufacturing of hearing aids. There are now nearly 29 million people reporting hearing difficulty with only 22% of these currently using hearing aids, and that number will grow as the population ages," said Brian Service, CEO for 3D Systems. "Each hearing aid user needs a custom-made hearing aid shell for proper fit and function, and that's where our digital manufacturing solution comes in. Traditional production techniques, which require manual processing of the hearing aid outer shell, simply don't offer manufacturers the ability to fabricate highly accurate outer shells on a production basis."
    To address the challenge of proper fit and function, 3D Systems developed an advanced digital manufacturing (ADM(SM)) process to be utilized as an in-line automated manufacturing process to enhance production quality and functionality. Widex chose 3D Systems' Viper SLA system because of its ability to fabricate highly accurate, finely detailed hearing aid shells on a production basis, while maintaining the current hearing aid look and feel.
    "Our solid imaging systems enable Widex to utilize our systems to produce the final hearing aid shell for in-line manufacturing process. This alleviates production bottlenecks and provides the flexibility needed to meet market demand for faster product delivery and greater accuracy. The industry has a potential to produce an estimated 5-7 million hearing aids per year using our ADM solution," said Wayne Merson, 3D Systems' Business Development Manager for Hearing Aids. "As major hearing aid companies change the way they manufacture hearing aids, we expect the demand for solid imaging systems will continue to grow."
    "One of the benefits of 3D Systems' technology is the fine feature detail that is achieved using the Viper SLA system to reproduce the custom, made-to-order shell," said Jan Topholm, CEO for Widex. "The material looks and feels like the traditional hearing aids found in the market today. The Viper system allows us to convert a manual production process to a digitally automated process -- CAMISHA (Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids). Our patented manufacturing process, CAMISHA, utilizes the Viper SLA system, combined with advanced scanning, providing significant quality improvements for hearing aid users as well as the personnel engaged in the production and fitting of hearing aids. With CAMISHA, hearing aid users will receive a far more precise and well functioning hearing aid with a better fit and far greater comfort," concluded Topholm. "The Viper SLA systems also allow Widex to create new and more intricate designs that were not possible with the manual process." Widex A/S currently has 5 Viper SLA systems installed and anticipates strategically placing additional Viper systems around the world. To learn more about Widex, their distributors, and the CAMISHA manufacturing process, visit the Widex web site at .

    About Widex

    Widex is one of the world's most innovative producers of hearing aids. Time after time the company has presented the market with intelligent innovations. Widex develops digital technology of a quality that only few can match, and which has provided hearing impaired people from all over the world with a better world of sounds.
    The Danish-based company is today represented in more than 85 countries. Widex's headquarters are in Vaerloese, north of Copenhagen, and the company is still owned and managed by the Topholm and Westermann families, who founded Widex in 1956.
    Developing and producing top-quality hearing aids that make a difference and provide hearing impaired people with better opportunities for a full life has always been the driving force behind Widex.

    About 3D Systems

    Founded in 1986, 3D Systems(R), the solid imaging company(SM), provides solid imaging products and solutions that reduce the time and cost of designing products and facilitate direct and indirect manufacturing. Its systems utilize patented technologies to create physical objects from digital input that can be used in design communication, prototyping, and as functional end-use parts.
    3D Systems currently offers the ThermoJet(R) solid object printer, SLA(R) (stereolithography) systems, SLS(R) (selective laser sintering) systems, and Accura(R) materials (including photopolymers, metals, nylons, engineering plastics, and thermoplastics).
    3D Systems is the originator of the advanced digital manufacturing (ADM(SM)) solution for manufacturing applications. ADM is the utilization of 3D Systems' solid imaging technologies to accelerate production of smaller volumes of customized/specialized parts. A typical ADM center is expected to contain multiple 3D Systems' SLA, MJM, and/or SLS systems dedicated to full-time manufacturing applications.
    Product pricing in the U.S. ranges from $49,995 for the ThermoJet printer to $799,000 for the high-end SLA 7000 system. 3D Systems' multiple platform product line enables companies to choose the most appropriate systems for applications ranging from the creation of design communication models to prototypes to production parts. More information on the company is available at , or by phoning 888/337-9786 or 661/295-5600, ext. 2882, internationally. An investor packet can be obtained by calling 800/757-1799.
    Note to editors: ADM and the solid imaging company are service marks; and si2 is a trademark; and ThermoJet, SLA, SLS, Accura, 3D Systems and the 3D logo are registered trademarks of 3D Systems Inc.

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