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June 13, 2003

Deaf Call for Equal Opportunities

From:, Africa - Jun 13, 2003

The Independent (Banjul)
S.b Camara

The Gambia Association of the Deaf and Heard of Hearing (GADHOH), which stands to defend the interests of Gambian deaf has called for equal opportunities to liberate its members from the cringes of discrimination and prejudice, bedeviling deaf in the development of the nation.

According to Oumie Joof, the condition of the deaf is depressing, as they have been marginalised and subjected to all forms of discrimination and prejudicial treatments, which had for decade alienated them from participating in national development, noting that "there is a need for attitudinal change to change this trend".

Mr. Lamin Ceesay, vice president of the association, who spoke eloquently on sign language, said the association seeks to harness the potentials of deaf, provide them with employment opportunities, adequate health, educational, information, rehabilitation service, and family life facilities, alongside eradication of discrimination and prejudice.

He said "the association is embarking on organisational development, development of a full -fledge national sign language, raising awareness, training of interpreters to bridge the gap between the deaf and the society in general, as well as working in co-operation with the government and the NGO'S.

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