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May 30, 2003

SPEAK OUT! How Has I.D.E.A Impacted Your Life?

From: Justice-For-All - May 30, 2003

Sarah Triano of the National Disabled Students Union
(STriano@ACCESSLIVING.ORG) writes:

SPEAK OUT! How Has I.D.E.A Impacted Your Life?

The Outside System Action Committee of NDSU is gearing up for a
nationwide SPEAK OUT FOR EQUAL EDUCATION on Friday, June 13th, 2003.

We are doing this because of the hack job being done to the law that
protects our right to equal education, the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act, in Congress.

It looks like the Senate will be issuing a bill about IDEA
Reauthorization next week (they are on recess this week), and then two
weeks from that point there will be a Senate Hearing (probably sometime
the week of June 16-20). Senators and people throughout the United
States need to hear from us during this crucial time, so we are
encouraging students with disabilities and our allies across the
country to SPEAK OUT on June 13th in support of IDEA. We are developing
an advocacy packet right now with suggestions of ways that disabled
students and our allies can show our support for IDEA on June 13th. We
will be issuing that advocacy packet (and a media packet) shortly.

In the meantime, one of the ways students can voice their opinion is by
writing a few lines about what I.D.E.A means to you and how it has
impacted your life on the KASA (Kids as Self-Advocates) discussion
board/forum. To participate:
1. Go to the KASA forum on their website at
2. After that, follow the link that says Click Here for The Kasa Forum
3. Then click on the forum entitled, "Talk About...whatever!--what's
on your mind?"
4. Then click on the folder entitled, "What's on your mind?"
5. Then open the message entitled, "How Has I.D.E.A. Impacted Your Life"
and post a response

If you have difficulty accessing the KASA forum, email
or me at

I look forward to hearing from fellow students/youth with disabilities
about what you think of Congress tearing apart IDEA, the law that
protects our right to equal education. Now is not the time for us
to be quiet - SPEAK OUT and let your voice be heard!

Peace and solidarity,



Fred Fay
Guest Justice-For-All Moderator

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