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May 28, 2003

Gallaudet’s First Leadership Training Program

From: Gallaudet - May 28, 2003

For Immediate Release

May 28,2003

Contact: Mike Kaika, Director of Media Relations

Phone: 202-651-5050


Gallaudet's First Leadership Training Program

Washington, DC—Since the advent of the Deaf President Now movement in 1988, deaf individuals have become more engaged in increasingly broader range of professional careers such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, financial planners, as well as in the business and social service fields. There is a market for training and development opportunities specifically designed for deaf individuals to develop the leadership abilities and to advance the lives of deaf people as a community.

Gallaudet University is uniquely qualified to provide these training and development opportunities. Established in September 2002 under the direction of Dr. Joseph J. Innes, the Gallaudet Leadership Institute (GLI) is designed to respond to the growing leadership development needs of deaf professionals, and to also increase the number of qualified deaf and hearing leaders in deaf education and other human service professions.

"GLI's initial focus will be to begin addressing the critical shortage of certified and qualified administrators in schools and programs for the deaf, non-profit corporations, and community-based agencies," said Innes. The leadership training program will be a multi-faceted entity developed through the collaborative efforts of various campus divisions and departments.

Two pilot programs, "Consumer, Parent, Community Advocacy Development" and "Educational Leadership" will be offered this summer and fall, and development of a "Social Service Agency, Non-Profit Corporate Leadership Program" to be offered beginning in 2004 will also occur this summer.

Funding for the GLI is being made possible from a $2 million gift from the Foerderer's Fellows Program, Gerald "Bummy" Burstein Endowed Chair, and Gallaudet University Gift Fund. Burstein is a 1950 graduate of Gallaudet University and currently Special Assistant to the Superintendent at the California School for the Deaf, Riverside.

A website outlining GLI and its programs is located at Individuals who wish to receive updates to GLI program offerings, or who have questions, can send an email to:

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