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May 21, 2003

Deaf Author Publishes Book!

From: Deaf Understanding (press release) - May 21, 2003

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Deaf Author Publishes Book!

Roseville, MI – (05/23/2003) – Imagine living in a world where everyone around you speaks a different language, and you can't master it. The culture of those around you is very different from your own, and you can't be a part of it. No matter how much you struggle to fit in, you never will. And what if this is your lot in life not by choice, but by chance. How would you feel?

This is the very same world that millions of deaf persons are born into, including Christopher Cline. Christopher's journey through life highlights the challenges that a deaf individual growing up in a hearing world faces on a daily basis.

Silent Ears, Silent Heart is an enlightening book about a deaf man's journey through two worlds—one of the Deaf and the other of the hearing. This book gives the reader a glimpse into the language, culture, and life of a deaf person, but it does more than that. The reader's heart becomes intertwined with Christopher's so that he or she is inspired to be empathetic toward the plight of deaf individuals.

Blair LaCrosse is a deaf person who was born into a hearing family. He has experienced firsthand the challenges of trying to communicate, understand, and succeed in a hearing world. Michelle LaCrosse has been a sign language interpreter for more than twenty years and has been made aware of the hardships that the deaf face in medical, legal, and financial settings. Through their personal experiences, as well as the experiences of the many deaf individuals who have touched their lives over the years, Silent Ears, Silent Heart was conceived, drew nourishment, and incubated, until it finally broke free, demanding to be presented.

Silent Ears, Silent Heart will be made available to the public in August 2003, but it can be preordered directly from the publisher at in the amount of $21.95.