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May 9, 2003

CSD's NMLLC to be Held at Camp Lakodia

From: CSD - May 9, 2003



Release Date:May 9, 2003

Contact: Derric Miller

CSD Communications Office


CSD's National Middlers Leadership and Literacy Camp

To Be Held At Camp Lakodia

SIOUX FALLS,S.D.? The National Middlers Leadership and Literacy Camp (NMLLC) will take place on the grounds of CSD'sCampLakodia, nearMadison,S.D.

The dates for this years' NMLLC are June 28?July 8 for Beginning NMLLC and July 10?21 for Advanced NMLLC. The first session will improve students' leadership, reading and writing skills while they meet with other outstanding students from all over the nation. The second session is for participants to experience in-depth leadership and literacy training specific to continued growth and development.  

"The NMLLC plays a vital role in CSD's ongoing efforts to support and strengthen deaf youth," said Benjamin Soukup, CSD chief executive officer. "CampLakodiais an opportunity for many deaf youth to go 'back to nature' and experience pastoralSouth Dakotawhile enhancing their leadership skills."

CampLakodiais situated onLakeHerman, a serene environment that has all the makings of becoming a 12-month vacation spot. The camp rests on 15 acres and boasts a 3,000 square foot sandy beach, sports fields, a playground, cabins, dining hall, bathhouse and a rustic meeting facility with a capacity for 200.

"Today, youth programs are integral part of the CSD mission," said Frank Turk, senior vice president/ chief national projects officer. "The NMLLC program atCampLakodiastrives to convince youngsters that they possess greater potential for leadership and intellectual growth than they realize. Program activities are especially designed to make leadership and intellectual growth an invigorating experience for them."

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