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May 17, 2003

Boy and family thank first lady for aiding operation

From: Daily Star, Lebanon - May 17, 2003

Rayyan Msheimesh, 5, accompanied by his parents and some relations, visited the Presidential Palace Friday to thank first lady Andree Lahoud for helping him undergo a cochlear implant, enabling him to hear and talk.

Rayyan's visit was was able to communicate with the first lady by uttering some letters and identifying himself.

Lahoud congratulated Rayyan and his family on the success of the implant, saying this would pave the way for the boy to live like any other child his age.

The Msheimesh family was accompanied by a delegation from the southern village of Kfar Sir, including a number of its social figures, who expressed appreciation for the first lady's special interest in the problems of Lebanese children.

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