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April 14, 2003

Wynd to Offer EarthLink Internet Services and Email Products Through the Deafwireless Superstore(TM)

From: PRNewswire (press release) - Apr 14, 2003

Latest Service Offerings Widen the Scope of the Superstore,
Providing Key Online Services for the Deaf Community

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wynd
Communications Corporation (a GoAmerica, Inc. company (Nasdaq: GOAM )) today
announced that it would offer expanded service offerings through its online
and event distribution channel, the Deafwireless Superstore(TM). The
superstore will begin offering EarthLink-branded Internet services and the
EarthLink MailStation, complementing the superstore's wide selection of
wireless services designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Deafwireless Superstore customers will be able to sign up for EarthLink
High-Speed Internet and dial-up services, as well as purchase EarthLink
MailStation, which is designed to deliver robust email features without the
need for a computer.
"For years, email and the Internet have been leveling the playing field
for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, enabling easy, text-based
communication and instant access to information," said Dan Luis, President and
CEO of Wynd Communications. "EarthLink has a stellar reputation as an ISP,
from the quality of its products to the awards it's won for customer service.
We decided to offer EarthLink service through the Deafwireless Superstore to
provide Wynd's customers with a complete package of first-rate communication
"We share Wynd's unwavering commitment to providing the best service
offerings in the market," said Doug Trautman, vice president, channel sales,
EarthLink. "We're thrilled that Wynd chose EarthLink to be its premier
Internet Service Provider through the Deafwireless Superstore, and look
forward to demonstrating the genuine value people who are deaf will experience
when they choose EarthLink service."

High Speed Internet and More
The Deafwireless Superstore will offer customers several EarthLink access
choices, including high-speed Internet available through either a cable or DSL
connection. Alternately, customers can choose dial-up access for their
Internet service.
EarthLink Internet service includes instant messaging software that works
seamlessly with that offered by AOL, so EarthLink customers can easily keep in
contact with AIM users. EarthLink also has a program in place that makes
switching from another service, like AOL, straightforward and easy, assisting
new users with notifying friends of the new email address and helping users
complete the steps to make a clean switch.
The Superstore will also provide EarthLink's MailStation product, which
enables people who do not have a computer to easily and inexpensively send and
receive email using an ordinary phone line. MailStation email is compatible
with all of the wireless email services the Deafwireless Superstore offers,
ensuring that customers who choose MailStation for themselves, friends or
family members will be able to quickly and easily communicate with wireless
users as well.

About Deafwireless Superstore
Launched in 2003, the Deafwireless Superstore provides the widest
selection of communication products and services designed for people who are
deaf or hard of hearing. Part of Wynd Communications, the Deafwireless
Superstore benefits from Wynd's nearly seven years of experience in offering
wireless services to the deaf community, and its well established
relationships in the wireless industry. This unique combination provides
superstore customers with a single, trusted source for all the communication
services they need from the leading service provider in the deaf community.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for all the EarthLink services will be announced at launch, which
is expected in late April. Customers can visit the Deafwireless Superstore
online at, or at one of 13 trade events across the U.S.
in 2003, including Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Washington,
DC; Kansas City, KS; and Philadelphia, PA during the first half of the year.
EarthLink services will also be available through Wynd's nationwide network of
dealers. To locate a dealer, visit .

About Wynd Communications
Wynd Communications Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of
GoAmerica, Inc. (Nasdaq: GOAM ), is the nation's leading provider of wireless
telecommunications services for people with hearing loss. Wynd is a winner of
the California Governor's Award for Excellence in Universal Design and
Technology and has been recognized by both the Clinton and Bush
Administrations for its commitment to Americans with disabilities. WyndTell
service can be purchased through the Deafwireless Superstore,, or through one of Wynd's nationwide network of
dealers. For more information about Wynd Communications and WyndTell service,
visit the Wynd Web site at, or contact Wynd directly at
TTY 800-549-2800, voice 805-781-6000 or e-mail: .

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