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April 24, 2003

Subtitled Johnny English, The Recruit, Shanghai Knights, Jungle Book 2, Seeing Double and more...

From: subtitles @ your local cinema - Apr 24, 2003

It's the Weekly Subtitled Cinema Listings!

Subtitled Johnny English, The Recruit, Shanghai Knights, Jungle Book 2,
Seeing Double, Daredevil, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Little Polar Bear,
The Core, Maid in Manhattan, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Die
Another Day, Ice Age, 25th Hour.

Coming soon: X Men 2, The Matrix Reloaded, Charlies Angels 2, Terminator 3,
Phone Booth, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Kangaroo Jack, Pirates of the Caribbean and
many more.

Hulk and Disney's Finding Nemo still unconfirmed - watch the website for

If you require audio description listings only, please email us at:


Read any good movies lately?
Subtitled and audio described cinema enables people
with less than perfect hearing or vision to enjoy film,
presented in it's original, and best form - the cinema.

Know someone who would appreciate this info? Tell them!
Forward this email to them now.


As soon as cinemas schedules are announced for new films, they will be
listed on our website - please DON'T wait for the next weekly email - CHECK
the website often! Important reschedules, time changes etc. are posted on
there as soon as they are announced.

As usual, many available films, but not many shows!
Please ask your nearest accessible cinema to screen
available, accessible films! (locations below)

Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) (PG) subtitled (*D)

LONDON, Uxbridge, Odeon
Thurs 24th April at 7.30pm

LONDON, Wimbledon, Odeon
Fri 25th April at 12 noon
Sat 26th April at 6.45pm

LONDON, UGC West India Quay
Thurs 24th April at 12.30pm, 4.50pm

Thurs 24th April at 6.30pm

KINGSTON, Surrey, Odeon
Thu 24th April at 9.30pm
* To be confirmed - CHECK with cinema!
*Tue 29th April at 9.20pm
*Wed 30th April at 9.20pm

GATESHEAD Newcastle Metro Centre, UCI
Thurs 24th April at 8.30pm

Wolverhampton, Cineworld
Thur 24th April at 12 noon

How to lose a guy in 10 days (Hudson, McConaughey) (12a) subtitled (*D)

LONDON, Uxbridge, Odeon
Mon 21st April at 4.15pm
Mon 28th April at 4.15pm

LONDON, Leicester Square, Odeon
Wed 23rd April at 12.35pm

Tue 29th April at 6pm

GUILDFORD, Surrey, Odeon
Mon 21st April at 12.30pm 6.05pm

Tues 29th April at 4pm
Wed 30th April at 6.45pm
Mon 1st May at 9.30pm

The Recruit (Pacino, Farrell) (12a) subtitled (*D)

Thurs 24th April at 9.15pm

KINGSTON, Surrey, Odeon
* To be confirmed - CHECK with cinema!
*Thurs 1st may at 12.15pm and 2pm

Shanghai Knights (Chan, Wilson) (12a) subtitled (*D)

LONDON, Uxbridge, Odeon
Thurs 24th April at 1.30pm

Belfast, Moviehouse
Yorkgate Shopping Complex,
100-150 York Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Thurs 1st May at 7pm

Little Polar Bear (Animation) (U) subtitled (*D)

LONDON, Wimbledon, Odeon
Thursday 24th April at 3.20pm

Seeing Double (S Club) (PG) subtitled (*D)

Sat 26th April at 11.15am
Mon 28th April at 4.55pm

KINGSTON, Surrey , Odeon
Sat 26th April at 11.20am and 1.15pm
Sun 27th April at 11.20am and 1.15pm

The Core (12a) subtitled (*D)

Belfast, Moviehouse
Yorkgate Shopping Complex,
100-150 York Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Thurs 24th April at 7.15pm

Catch Me If You Can (Hanks, DiCaprio) (12a) subtitled (*D)

KINGSTON, Surrey, Odeon
* To be confirmed - YOU MUST CHECK with cinema!
*Mon 28th April at 8.15pm

Maid in Manhattan (Lopez) (PG) subtitled (*D)

KINGSTON, Surrey, Odeon
Wed 30th April at 3.10pm

Jungle Book 2 (Mowgli, Baloo) (U) subtitled (*D)

GUILDFORD, Surrey, Odeon
Fri 25th April at 5.15pm
also Sun 27th April to Wed 30th April at 2.40pm

Tue 29nd April at 12 noon, 1.40pm, 3.10pm, 4.40pm, 6.15pm

The 25th Hour (Norton) (15) subtitled (*D)

LONDON, Wimbledon, Odeon
Sun 27th April at 2.20pm
Tue 29th April at 5.20pm
Wed 30th April at 8.30pm

Daredevil (Ben Affleck) (15) below, but first...

Subtitled versions of the movies above and more are available to cinemas
NOW, but only in the new 'digital subtitle' format (*D). This means that
only 17 UK cinemas can screen them. They are not available in an 'open
subtitled/captioned' form - the format that every UK cinema can screen (like
Daredevil, Potter and Bond).

Please ask your nearest accessible cinema to screen them!
(locations and many more available films below).

A subtitled version of Daredevil is available to cinemas NOW, in the 'open
subtitled' format - which every UK cinema can screen. It is also available
in the 'digital' format. Please ask your nearest cinema to screen available
subtitled films!

Daredevil (15) subtitled
Hundreds of subtitled shows nationwide!

UCI cinemas:

Clydebank Strathclyde UCI Sat 3rd May at 11.30am
Edinburgh Lothian UCI Thurs 1st May at 7pm
East Kilbride Strathclyde UCI Mon 5th May at 7pm
Huddersfield Yorkshire UCI Fri 25th April at 7pm
Hull Humberside UCI Sun 27th April at 11.30am
Newcastle East, Wallsend, Silverlink, Tyne & Wear UCI Tue 29th April at 7pm
Scunthorpe Humberside UCI Wed 7th May at 7pm

Cineworld cinemas:

*Chichester West Sussex Cineworld Friday 25th April
  * - please check with cinema for times!

St. Helier Cineworld Sun 27th April at 4.50pm 6.50pm



Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (PG) subtitled

**Manchester Trafford Centre UCI
Thursday 24 April 7pm

James Bond in Die Another Day (12a) subtitled

Tyneside, Newcastle, Picturehouse Cinema
4th May at 12.30pm

Ice Age (Animation) (U) subtitled

Odeon Chester
Saturday 10th May at 11am
All tickets only £1.50 for this show!


Subtitles @ Your Local Cinema receive subtitled listings information
directly from cinema head offices, but we can take NO responsibility for
postponed or cancelled shows. If cinemas inform us of changes, we will tell
you via the website. If they don't inform us, we can't inform you.

Sometimes a subtitled film is not delivered to the cinema on time and cannot
be screened.

The only way to be 100% sure is to ALWAYS check with the ACTUAL cinema
before you plan a visit. But DOUBLE check, preferably with a manager. NEVER
turn up without getting confirmation that a show is definitely on.

On the website:

Every subtitled film: now showing, on the way & previous.
New films, locations, dates and times added regularly.
Accessible digital subtitle cinema locations - more added as they become
Responses and views on cinema subtitling.
Video game, Theatre and DVD extra feature subtitles.
and much more...

Engage your Senses!
SEE the dialogue! HEAR the action! FEEL the rumbling!

The films below have been released with digital subtitles only. They are
available NOW but can ONLY be screened in cinemas with digital subtitle
facilities. Please ask your nearest accessible cinema to screen them!
(locations below).

Phone Booth - - Shanghai Knights - - Seeing Double
How to lose a guy in 10 days - - Little Polar Bear - - Jungle Book 2
Johnny English - - The Core - - Cradle 2 the Grave
The Recruit - - Frida - - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
The Life of David Gale - - Solaris - - Adaptation
Analyze That - - The Hours - - Maid in Manhattan
Treasure Planet - - Punch Drunk Love - - Two Weeks Notice
Catch Me if you Can - - Chicago - - Star Trek Nemesis
The Two Towers - - The Quiet American - - 25th Hour
Blood Work - - Santa Clause 2 - - Powerpuff Girls
Triple X - - Lilo & Stitch - - Red Dragon
Signs - - Goldmember - - The Sum of all Fears
Men in Black 2 - - Spiderman - - Lord of the Rings
Panic Room - - About a Boy

17 cinemas in the UK have now been fitted with a digital subtitle and audio
description system to enable people with less than perfect hearing or vision
to enjoy the cinema. One more has been fitted with audio description only.
It is hoped that there will be 75 more this time next year.

The 17 cinemas below have both subtitle
AND audio description facilities.


Odeon Leicester Square, London
22 - 24 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LQ
(the big famous one!)

Odeon West End, London
40 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LP
(the smaller Odeon on the square)

Odeon Uxbridge, London
The Chimes Shopping Centre, 302 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8

Odeon Wimbledon, London
Hartfield Road, Wimbledon, London

Warner West End, London
3 Cranbourne Street, London WC3
(on Leicester Square, on the right of the Empire)

Warner Finchley Road, London
255 Finchley Rd, Finchley, London NW3

UGC West India Quay, London
Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, London E14

Outside London

Odeon Colchester
Head Street, Colchester

Odeon Guildford
Bedford Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4SJ

Odeon Kingston
The Rotunda, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

Odeon Leicester
Freemans Park, 90 Aylestone Road, Leicester, LE2 7LT

Odeon Newcastle
Newgate Street, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear

UCI Gateshead, Newcastle
Metro Centre, Gateshead Newcastle Upon Tyne NE11 9YZ

UCI Cardiff, Wales
Atlantic Wharf, Hemingway Road, Cardiff CF 10, Wales

Cineworld Wolverhampton
Bentley Bridge Leisure Park, Wednesfield Way,
Wednesfield, Wolverhampton WV11

Glasgow Film Theatre, Scotland
12 Rose Street , Glasgow G3 6RB

Moviehouse, Belfast
Yorkgate Shopping Complex,
100-150 York Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The cinema below has audio description facilities only

Showcase Pontypridd, Wales
Parc Nantgarw, Treforest Industrial Estate, Heol Y Odyn, Nr Pontypridd,

Studios and distributors obviously prefer the cheaper, digital solution to
subtitling, which creates a problem - there are not yet enough cinemas with
digital subtitle facilities to cater for the many people who now expect
major releases to be subtitled.

"Think of it like 98% of cinemas having a VCR player, and 2% having a DVD
player, but new films are only available subtitled, on DVD!"

So although subtitled and described, most films are still inaccessible to
the vast majority of the people that they are aimed at - hearing or visually
impaired people in the UK.

It is planned that around 75 more UK cinemas will become accessible over the
next year. Watch the website for information on new cinema locations with
the system installed, and cinemas plans for screenings.

The following films can be screened subtitled in any cinema. Please ask your
nearest cinema to screen them!

Daredevil - - Die Another Day - - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Road to Perdition - - Eight Legged Freaks - - Scooby Doo
Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood - - Minority Report - - Star Wars
Episode II
Time Machine - - Iris - - Shrek
Pearl Harbor - - Ocean's Eleven - - Monster's Inc
The Mummy Returns - - A Knights Tale - - Ice Age
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - - Pay it Forward - - Hannibal
The Grinch - - Dinosaur - - East is East - - Chicken Run

We are sorry to say that UK distributors have now decided NOT to release
accessible versions of I Spy and Rabbit Proof Fence.

Many people have been enquiring as to what exactly is going on with UK
subtitled cinema:

Why do we have to travel 50 miles to catch one?
Why do we have to wait months after release date?
Why do films usually only play once?
Why are some popular movies not subtitled?

Let us explain...

An estimated 5 million people in the UK use subtitles to enjoy films. And
although subtitles are the norm on TV, DVD and video, they are NOT available
on most cinema releases. Silent movies are still the norm here, but without
the old captions that helped to explain the plot.

Of the films that are subtitled, the majority are 'digitally subtitled only'
which means that they are incompatible with 98% of UK cinemas. In fact only
17 cinemas in the UK are capable of screening most of the latest subtitled

These 17 cinemas have been equipped with a new 'access system'. Once a
cinema has the subtitle 'files', they can overlay subtitles onto the latest
films. They don't need a separate subtitled print. The system can be turned
on and off - similar to teletext subtitles on TV, so the screen can be used
for non-subtitled shows too.

The system can also broadcast audio description, for visually impaired
people. The on screen action is described in detail through personal
headphones. This feature has no affect on an audience's enjoyment of a film
and can be left 'on' all of the time. Every show can be an audio described

It is planned that over the next few years at least 50 different films will
be released with these 'access' features. In fact if all goes to plan, most
major films will be released with subtitle and description 'files' (the
files are supplied on disc, separate to the actual film and are downloaded
to a hard disc at the cinema).

So to cater for the large amount of accessible films on the way, this year
the cinema industry plan to make many more of their cinemas accessible to
people with hearing or visual impairments.

Each 'access' system costs less than an average cinemas weekend takings on
one film. Lottery funding (via the Film Council) has been offered to fund
50% of the total cost (over £1 million) and it is planned that at least 75
more cinemas will become accessible.

Locations have yet to be decided but are planned to be spread widely around
the country, so as many people as possible can catch accessible shows.

So that should eliminate the problem of having to travel 50 miles or more to
catch the latest film. It should also eliminate the problem of having to
wait months for a film to come to a cinema near your town, as every cinema
with the system installed will be able to show the subtitled version when
they please.

In most cases, the system will be installed in only ONE screen of a
multi-screen multiplex and therefore will not interfere too much with
'normal' non-subtitled shows.

This vastly improves on the current subtitling system in which a couple of
subtitled film prints are 'toured' around cinemas, resulting in some cinemas
having to screen a Christmas movie the following February. That 'touring'
problem is also the reason why a subtitled film usually only plays for one
day only - it has to be delivered the next day, to the next cinema down the
line. Daredevil is currently available in this format (as well as the
digital format).

The new digital system would enable many cinemas to screen a subtitled show
many times, over many weeks, at popular times, simultaneously.

We hope that explains the situation! Any queries, please don't hesitate to
contact us at Press enquiries welcome

Exciting News!

If you are one of the millions of UK movie fans with less than perfect
hearing or vision, then 2003 could well be a very happy year for you.

In 2003, the Film Council and the cinema industry plan to work together to
create a network of around 75 accessible cinemas (there are currently less
than 20). If all goes to plan, these cinemas will be equipped with digital
subtitle and audio description facilities.

The Film Council have offered £350,000 to make this happen and have invited
the UK cinema industry to 'match' the amount. This would double the amount

Another £60,000 has been offered to film distributors - to enable smaller
distributors to add subtitles and audio description to their films. This
should ensure a wider choice of accessible films. Again, it is hoped that
film distributors will 'match' the funds - doubling the amount available.

In the words of the Film Council:

"At a time when cinema going in the UK is at a 30 year high, these proposals
are intended to help ensure that in the future the 15 per cent of people in
the UK who experience hearing or visual impairments are able to enjoy going
to the cinema as well as the rest of the population."

Read the BBC News article here:

Read 'The Times' newspaper article here:,,1-89-510522,00.html

Read the official Film Council press release here:

Current accessible cinema locations and films here: