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April 19, 2003

NAD Action Alert - Stop Sutton Rally

From: NAD - Apr 19, 2003

On Tuesday, April 29, the U.S. Senate will vote on Jeffrey
Sutton's nomination to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
It is time to act. It is time to Stop Sutton!

Stop Sutton Rally

DATE: April 29, 2003
TIME: 10:00 AM EST
LOCATION: U.S. Capitol Building, Mansfield Room (S 211)

Please check the Eye on Sutton website often for news and

Come to Washington, DC on the day of the Sutton vote! The
National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and other
disability organizations will stage a rally throughout the
day to demonstrate to our nation's Senators that we will
not step aside and watch our rights be undermined by
Sutton's appointment!

"We must send a strong and visible message that we will
not tolerate any attempts to roll back our civil rights!"
said Kelby Brick, director of the NAD Law and Advocacy
Center (LAC).

The NAD will send out more information as soon as
possible. The NAD only asks our community members to rally
during crises that will impact the entire deaf and hard of
hearing community. If Sutton is appointed, it will send a
negative reverberation throughout the disability
community. Sutton is a genuine threat to disability
rights; we must stop his appointment to the Sixth Circuit
Appeals Court!

At the beginning of the rally, we will join Sen. Tom
Harkin to protest the Sutton nomination on Tuesday, April
29 at 10:00 AM EST at the U.S. Capitol Building, Mansfield
Room (S 211).

"People with disabilities understand how tenuous their
hold on their civil rights is today. The Supreme Court has
chipped away a little bit here, a little bit there on the
Americans with Disabilities Act. There are still those in
our country who believe we should not have had that law.
Mr. Sutton, obviously, is one of those. He says it wasn't
needed," said Senator Tom Harkin.

Sutton Threatens Disability Rights

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is just one step away
from the Supreme Court. The NAD is opposed to Sutton's
nomination. Sutton, a States' Rights ideologue, has
aggressively fought against the ADA, Olmstead and many
other civil rights protections that protect Americans with

The NAD is not opposing Sutton because he happened to
represent clients we disagree with. We oppose Sutton
because of his outspoken activism against Federal civil
rights protections for people with disabilities and other
minorities has left him unfit to be an impartial judge.
Sutton's commitment is to ideology not to justice.

Act Now! Stop Sutton!

You can still make a difference! Please educate your
Senators, the media, and the general public about the
danger that Sutton poses to disability rights.

Call your Senator's office and asking them to speak out
and vote against Sutton's nomination. To find out who
your Senator is and their contact information, please

Please check the Eye on Sutton website often for news and


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