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April 1, 2003

Hearing aids for special students

From: Bru Direct, Brunei - Apr 1, 2003

By Lyna Mohammad

The Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education (MoE) yesterday presented "Microlink Personal FM System" hearing aids to the second group of several selected students in the country, who are suffering from hearing-related problems. It took place at the Special Education Unit premises in Gadong.

The Acting Head of Special Education Unit, Dr Hj Kassim Hj Daud was the guest of honour at the function. Senior officers from the Education Ministry as well as school principals and parents of the students, were also present.

"A total of 112 students with hearing problems have been referred to the Special Education Unit, where 96 of them are still undertaking their studies at either government or private schools throughout the country.

"However, the number of hearing aid devices available in the country is very limited. It is for this reason that the selection for the 'right' recipient has to be made.

"Special education officers have to make a thorough and fair selection based on students' habit of active usage of the hearing device (supplied by the Ministry of Health) as well as their willingness and seriousness to interact with others," Dr Hj Kassim said in his speech.

The seven selected students yesterday were Noraini Murah, Nooraqilah Zulkeflee, Muhammad Syahzwan Ahmad Taufiq, Md fakhrul Aiyad Ali Hassan, Mohd Nor Azwan Hj Aziz, Noor Aziemas Hj Idris and Filzah Hussin.

The Microlink Personal FM System, which are "on loan" to these students, is a device which helps strengthen one's hearing. It also helps to increase their ability in hearing and communicating, which could improve their studies.

Parents have expressed their gratitude for the contribution made by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan through the Special Education Unit.

With the continued support and care shown by relevant authorities, the Special Education Unit in particular, it reassures parents that there's hope for their children to have a healthy and bright future.

Earlier, the first group of selected youths' hearing aids were contributed by Standard Chartered Bank. Hearing aids for the third group of selected students in the Belait district will be presented later this year, contributed by Brunei Shell and Malai Haji Mashor Company.

Courtesy of Sunday Bulletin

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