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March 19, 2003

Technology advice for deaf children

From: Edinfo-Centre, UK - Mar 19, 2003

A free video and book has been made for deaf children to help them understand technology.

The information has been made available by the National Deaf Children's Society, who want deaf children to be ''technophiles' and not technophobes.

The charity has produced a special video and a separate cartoon book specifically designed to show children and their families how technology can help them. Funding was made available by the Community Fund.

The video ? Technology for Deaf Children ? stars a number of deaf children and young people, demonstrating how they use technology in everyday life. It includes products such as smoke alarms, mobile phones and sign language CD ?ROMs and highlights how families can obtain equipment from their local social services or education authority.

The book ? Happy Birthday Billy! has been specially written for children and follows a young deaf boy called Billy throughout his birthday. It details technology that can help children at home and at school ? including alarm clocks, radio aids and subtitles on TV. Teachers could also use the book to help hearing children learn about how technology can help their deaf friends. It is aimed particularly at children from five to nine years old.

Richard Vaughan, National Deaf Children's Society Technology Services Manager, said:

"There is a huge range of technology available for deaf children today, and it can be quite complicated to explain how it all works. Both the book and the video will give many people the opportunity to see lots of different products being used and we hope it will inspire them to find out more and try the equipment for themselves."

 Further information

The book Happy Birthday Billy! and video Technology for Deaf Children are available free to parents and carers of deaf children or professionals working with them. Tel: 0808 800 8880 (voice and text) or e-mail: .

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