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March 5, 2003


From: Bristol Evening Post, UK - 05 Mar 2003

Subtitles are normally reserved for foreign films on the arthouse circuit - but on Thursday evening Bristol Odeon will be giving Ben Affleck's latest blockbuster, Daredevil, the written word treatment. The cinema will be spelling out the action as part of a new initiative to give deaf movie fans the chance to see the latest releases on the big screen.

Traditionally, it has been close to impossible for Bristol film buffs with hearing problems to see appropriate versions of movies, with no cinemas in the area offering regular subtitled screenings.

But after a couple of recent successes with the format - most notably with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Die Another Daybosses at the Union Street cinema have decided they want to bring more of Hollywood's biggest exports to deaf patrons.

To screen Daredevil with subtitles, the cinema will have to bring in a new print of the movie, with subtitles already added on the bottom of the screen.

But if screenings are popular, they hope to purchase equipment allowing them to subtitle any movie with just the help of a CD and a special projection machine.

Steve Adams, from the Odeon, said the cinema was looking forward to feedback following the Daredevil screening.

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