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March 14, 2003

Microlog Announces uniQue 3.1 General Availability

From: Business Wire (press release) - 14 Mar 2003

   Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

    GERMANTOWN, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 2003--MICROLOG CORPORATION (OTC BB: MLOG) announced today the general availability of the 3.1 version of the uniQue(R) family of contact center solutions.
    With this new release, uniQue adds features in several major areas of the product to facilitate enhanced accessibility, agent monitoring, remote contact center support, and further enhancements to statistics collection and reporting.
    Perhaps one of the most important new uniQue features for government and commercial compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is the new TDD media proxy and associated TDD self-service support. Through uniQue IVR, Telephony Device for the Deaf (TDD) response is provided in a fashion analogous to IVR support for the phone.
    Customers or constituents with TDD devices can "call" in to uniQue IVR, and conduct self-service interactions. In the case where live interaction with a customer service agent is required, information from the TDD self-service session can be provided in an automated fashion to the agent, allowing them to interact with a deaf caller in an intelligent fashion via a chat window on the agent desktop.
    In this way, callers with hearing disabilities can be treated in the same way and with the same levels of service as hearing callers - with full campaign-, skills-, media- and priority-based routing, management, and statistics collection capabilities.
    Agent/customer session recording was provided in earlier uniQue releases for non-voice media types including email, web, chat, and fax. Version 3.1 completes session recording capabilities, adding voice contacts by using uniQue IVR to digitize and record on disk the voice sessions between agents and customers. This obviates the need for separate voice logging equipment.
    Remote contact centers are supported in uniQue 3.1. This feature allows contact centers to have remote Agents who can receive and process voice as well as other media contacts. This module allows voice calls to be routed to remote or non-CTI integrated agents by uniQue RM.
    This solution provides a call control interface between uniQue IVR and uniQue RM servers as well as enabling voice session recording.
    For any size contact center, metrics are an important part of not only operational management, but also of growth planning and return on investment verification. uniQue 3.1 provides seven new historical reports on operational metrics, as well as enhanced graphical reports, which brings the total number of standard reports to 38.
    To capture the dynamics of the campaigns running here and now, uniQue 3.1 adds three new real-time dynamically updated graphical views of system, campaign, and agent performance. Telephone calls, emails, voice messages, web hits, faxes and TDD - among others possible - are all uniformly tracked and measured, greatly enhancing management's total view of customer and agent activity.
    In addition to the visible features in this release, uniQue 3.1 includes enhanced Windows 2000 (server) support, upgraded CORBA interprocess communications capabilities, and enhanced Internet Explorer (client) support. The release also continues the tradition of listening to our customers - through numerous small refinements based on suggestions they've made.
    "Many of the enhancements and feature extensions in the release are a direct result of experience gained through our partnership with Walter Reed Army Medical Center," stated John Mears, Microlog's President and CEO. "Microlog is very appreciative of the continuing participation of loyal customers in the evolution of our products."
    Microlog Corporation provides leading-edge customer interaction management solutions for businesses seeking to better serve their customers.
    Microlog offers an integrated suite of products and services that blend with existing corporate applications and infrastructure to accomplish both automated response functions (IVR, email, TDD, fax and Web), as well as intelligent interactions between customers and contact center agents.
    Interactions today include telephone, email, voice messages, Web chat, Web callback and callthrough, Web collaboration, Web bulletin board, TDD, fax, and even scanned hardcopy mail. The Company guarantees its products and services with one of the strongest brand promises of the industry. For additional information, call 301/540-5500 or visit Microlog's Web site at

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