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March 19, 2003

Cochlear Implants: Parents Find the TEMPO+ Cochlear Implant to be Suitable for their Children

From: PR Newswire - Mar 19, 2003

SAN ANTONIO, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Many children are receiving cochlear implants at younger ages, often on or near their first birthday, due to the implementation and success of early hearing loss identification programs. Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programs are common across the USA and in other parts of the world. These programs help identify children at birth, or shortly thereafter, as either possessing hearing at approximately normal levels, or as having hearing that is probably not normal.

MED-EL (a manufacturer of cochlear implants) sought to test the suitability of their behind-the-ear TEMPO+ speech processor for young children and infants.

Because of the unique modular design, the MED-EL TEMPO+ offers a variety of wearing options for children, infants and adults. There are a number of battery pack options available (angled, straight, pediatric), which allow parents to choose the option best suited for their child. For example, young children can wear the speech processor on their ear while attaching the small battery pack to their clothing. Infants might wear the "Baby BTE," which consists of wearing the coil by itself at ear level while attaching the speech processor and battery pack to their clothing, where the components are accessible to the parents, but less so to the children. MED-EL strives to meet the needs of all ages.

A recent questionnaire indicated that an overwhelming majority of parents were "very satisfied" and "fairly satisfied" with the TEMPO+. Positive feedback was also recorded for handling, ease of manipulation and comfortable wear. Because of the modular design and the flexible wearing options, parents find the TEMPO+ to be suitable for their young children and infants.

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