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March 12, 2003

Click Hearing - Addressing the cost of hearing loss

From: Click Hearing (Press release) - 12 Mar 2003

Hearing loss and the problems that go with it mean that many sufferers find themselves penalised twice – firstly by their disability and secondly by the high cost and availability of high quality modern hearing aids.
Now, a qualified hearing aid audiologist and ex-NHS Chief Audiologist in Hornchurch has not only recognised the problem but is doing something about it by drastically cutting the price of these devices and making them more affordable.
Ben Mann of Click Hearing explains “research into the cost of hearing aids has revealed that in Europe prices can be as much as 50 per cent lower than in the UK. This has led to a growing number of British people being fitted abroad. The trouble with this is that not only does it penalise those who can’t travel, but if there are subsequent technical problems, clients will either have to make a subsequent trip or wait until a company representative visits this country, as they do from time to time.”
A report in the Daily Telegraph said that one UK customer was quoted £4000 for two digital hearing aids in this country and subsequently bought similar devices at a cost of £1500 from Denmark.
Historically private hearing aids have been prohibitively expensive. But Click Hearing uses a completely different structure of fees.
A fixed professional services charge is added to the wholesale price of the hearing aid which means that the client can be assured that advice is not biased towards an expensive instrument. This charging method means that patients are making huge savings over other centres. The price range for digital instruments ranges between around £550 to around £1100 each.
As a fully qualified NHS Audiologist, Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, and Voluntary Registered Clinical Physiologist in Audiology, Ben is a professional who understands clients’ needs and has the experience to provide appropriate advice.

Click Hearing is based at Integrated Medical Care, 94 Station Lane in Hornchurch, Essex and also holds a clinic in Upminster. To make an appointment contact 01708 445156 (Fax/Phone),,