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March 21, 2003

A.A for the hearing impaired

From: District 14 HMB - 21 Mar 2003


i am on the special needs committee for
district 14 hmb area 48 of alcoholics anonymous.
this is Schenectady, NY and surrounding areas.

i am trying to get the message out to deaf alcoholics in
our district that we are looking at having ASL people at meetings
if possible or note takers if we can identify the need and people
are interested in coming.

(and in the future maybe even the icommunicator speech to text

can you help us to get, or suggest how we could go about getting,
this message out?


lonnie p.
District 14 HMB(Hudson Mohawk Bershire) Area 48 (Northeastern NY)
Special Needs Committee
Schenectady, NY

p.s. cocciastella means Seashell Star ;-)