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February 8, 2003

Update:Pinchas vs. Jordan,Ammons,Lovett -News Around the Deaf Sports World

From: DEAFSPORTLAWSUIT - 08 Feb 2003



Frederick, Maryland, USA - John Lovett, the still-unconstitutionally elected CISS President in office continues to act as the reputed CISS anarchist.

According to the just-released material in the CISS e-News Magazine, Number 210, January, 2003, Lovett recently made the two different trips to Taipei, Taiwan, and Athens, Greece. These two cities have formally placed their bids to host the 21st Deaflympic Summer Games in 2009 ( the final decision as to which city will be awarded of such a hostship will be made at this month's 38th CISS Congress in Sundsvall, Sweden ). Owing to this fact, Lovett made the site inspection visits to Taipei ( between November 25-29, 2002 ) and Athens ( between December 2-5, 2002 ). However, these two trips, I again caution you, may be in direct violation of the CISS Legal Commission-produced and 37th CISS Congress-approved Rule 3. G of the Deaflympic Games Regulations. This Rule states the following:

"The National Association bidding for the Deaflympic Games must arrange for a site visit to the city by the CISS President or his representative. The site visit must take place in the same month that the proposed Games are to take place in that country."

Thus, this story's big questions are these:
1) Let's say, in case Athens wins the bid to host the Games in 2009, will this city, in a strict compliance of the abve-described Rule 3.G of the Deaflympic Games Regulations, host these Games in the month of December, 2009, that is, the very "same month" of December Lovett made the site inspection trip in 2002?
2) Or, if Taipei wins the 2009 Games bid, will this city organize the Games in the month of November, 2009?

There is another huge problem that Lovett as the autocratic CISS administrator has been unsuccessfully battling in the last two years: to date, he has failed to find a country/city that will be willing to host the 16th Deaflympic Winter Games in 2007. This is again in blatant violation of another Deaflympic Games Regulations Rule 3. A, which plainly states that the bid for the Winter Games must "be done six years before the conduct of the actual Games".

To vividly demonstrate Lovett's continued ineptness and incompetence in managing the CISS affairs, in the span of three years - 2000, 2001 and 2002 - Lovett had deliberately allowed to commit a recorded total of fifty four ( 54 ) violations derived from thirty seven ( 37 ) different rules of the CISS Constitution, Deaflympic Games Regulations and Deaf World Championships Regulations

( see ).

In addition, it was Lovett as a self-appointed lead editor, who produced the 196-paged and 202-errors-filled book called CISS REVIEW 2001

( see )

Finally, at the coming CISS Congress in Sundsvall, it will be interesting to see whether the delegates will ratify the 53-errors-tainted Minutes Report of the 37th CISS Congress proceedings as an officially approved document. This Minutes Report document was prepared by another unconstititionally-elected CISS official: Dr. Ammons as the Secretary General . Before the start of the 38th CISS Congress on February 27, 2003, it is strongly advisable to each potential CISS Congress delegate from different country to study and compare the two documents, which may be obtained by logging on to and

In another development which is related to the organization of the Deaflympic Summer Games in 2005, the CISS Home Office has just announced that the two sports - women's handball and women's water polo - will be excluded from the 2005 Games program.


Moscow, Russia - The deaf sports community in this country is again celebrating.

For the second consecutive year an athlete from this nation has won the honorable title of the CISS-Widex World Female Athlete of the Year. In 2001, it was a Moscow-born female swimmer named Veronika Gouskova who won the universally-prestigious Award. However, these days the celebrating Russians are getting a bit confused because there is the questionable English/Latin interpretation of a Russian-sounding surname spelling. According to the latest issue of the CISS e-News Magazine, there are the two different surnames - Federova and Fedorova - and one person who claim the clinching of the 2002 Deaf World SportsWoman of the Year Award title

( read ).

What is the correct surname spelling - Federova or Fedorova - for that 16 year-old Kazan-born, 10-time European swimming champion and 2002 Award title winner?

Again, the still-editorially-nameless CISS e-News Magazine failed to do its homework in advance by accurately checking and verifying the correct surname spelling of the 2002 female winner before releasing the vitally-important information to its large worldwide website audience.


Sundsvall, Sweden - The XVth Deaflympic Winter Games are scheduled to open this coming March 1. One of the largest delegations at the Games will be coming from the USA, which will take part in all four sports. USA team will consist of ice hockey players, seven alpine skiers ( 2 women and 5 men ), one male nordic skier and nine snowboarders ( 6 men and 3 women ).

Commented one long-time Winter Games watcher,
"the USA expects to win a lot of medals in one sports - snowboarding.This will only happen in case that the two very important proposals submitted by the National Sports Association of Uzbekistan to the 38th CISS Congress ( that is, to completely repeal Rule 7.E of the Deaflympic Games Regulations and declare nordic skiing, ice hockey and snowboarding as full medal sports of the Sundsvall Games ) will be passed. We are praying that these very good proposals from Uzbekistan will be accepted by the CISS Congress delegates so our snowboarders will officially be bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals!"

This will be USA team's tenth straight entry in the Winter Games since 1967. The best showing at a Winter Games by the USA delegation was in 1991 in Banff, Canada - at these Games the Americans won at total of seven medals in the three different sports: speed skating ( 3 gold and 1 bronze ) ice hockey (1 silver) and alpine skiing ( 2 bronze ).


Tashkent, Uzbekistan - The Board of Sport Organization in this country is seriously considering of withdrawing of its teams in men's football, men's and women's volleyball, men's and women's beach voleyball from the preliminary CISS team sports registration list for the 2005 Deaflympic Summer Games to be held in Melbourne, Australia. To avoid the possible monetary penalty fines from the CISS, the deadline for such a withdrawal is March 1, 2003.

"Because the start of the 2005 Games is less than two years away and because of our continued inability to obtain relevant information ( that is, prices for lodgings, meals and travel ) in advance from the 2005 Games organizers, we feel that we will on the short notice have hard time to obtain the financial assistance from appopriate authorities in order to send our teams to Australia," stated Dilbar Karimova, the organization's Secretary General.

At the last 19th Deaflympic Summer Games, Uzbekistan, a Central Asian nation, for the first time, fielded its large, 45-member contingent, which included free style and Greco roman wrestlers, table tennis players, footballers and volleyballers. The men's football and women's volleyball teams - the Games debutantes - performed well in Rome, Italy. The football team posted a respectable 3-1-1 record: Uzbekistan beat the world powers in the sport France ( 4-3 ), Denmark ( 3-2 ), USA ( 2-1 ), tied with Croatia ( 0-0 ) and lost to Greece ( 3-1 ). The Uzbekistani women's volleyball team produced sensation at the 2001 Games tournament by beating Russia, the 1997 Deaflympic Games champion ( 3-2 ), Canada and Israel ( each, 3-0 ), while the wrestling team finished sixth in the 21-nation tournament.


Essen, Germany - Six different continental championships are expected to take place this year and they will be held under the able supervision of the nine-member European Deaf Sports Organization ( EDSO ) administration.
Budapest, Hungary, will be hosting the European championship in table tennis ( dates: April 6-12, 2003). Munich, Germany, will assemble 20 teams ( 12 men's and 8 women's ) for the volleyball championships ( April 19-26, 2003 ), while the events in athletics will be held in Tallin, Estonia ( July 13-19,2003 ), shooting - in Colmar, France ( September 13-20, 2003 ) and in wrestling - Istanbul, Turkey ( October 14-18, 2003 ).

The EDSO administration is now actively working to locate a country/city that will accept the organization of the European championship in football. This event was originally scheduled to take place in Sheffield, Great Britain, but the British had to cancel the event due to the financial reasons. It is widely rumored that Turkey may take the responsibility of hosting the football tournament sometime this summer. 12 strong teams from Europe are already qualified to take part in the championship:

the Czech Republic,
Great Britain,
Greece and

The deaf sports world community should recognize and applaud the great work the EDSO officials are doing on behalf of the deaf people in the European continent. The current composition of the nine member EDSO Board is as follows:

Lennart Edwall of Sweden - President ,
Sebastiano Manciagli of Italy - Vice President,
Madame Isabelle Malaurie of France - Secretary General,
Werner Kliewer of Germany - Sportcoordinator and Treasurer,
Board members - Valery Rukhledev of Russia,
Bela Panyi of Hungary,
Vasily Sandugei of the Ukraine,
Herman Grudelbach of the Netherlands and
Herbert Grill of Austria.

Congratulations to all these nine ( 9 ) fine deaf sports administrators - eight gentlemen and one madame - for their splendid work!

Sportingly Yours,

Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas