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February 16, 2003

Update: Pinchas vs. Jordan, Ammons, Lovett - Latest Reactions

From: DEAFSPORTLAWSUIT - 16 Feb 2003


After the February 13, 2003 release of the material titled "WHO IS CISS PERSONA-NON-GRATA"?, which is published in the DEAF TODAY MAGAZINE website

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and our January 24, 2003 2003 DEAFLYMPIC WINTER GAMES: WILL THERE BE 1,000 ATHLETES FROM 25 COUNTRIES? and February 8, 2003 NEWS AROUND THE DEAF SPORTS WORLD website's releases, we have received and continue to receive many messages from the readers. Below we publish the contents of 25 various messages.

"We learned many things inside the CISS politics and how Lovett, Ammons and especially Jerald Jordan mistreated Pinkhasov Pinchas. Obviously, they are very ungrateful and quite inappreciative about the many good things Pinkhasov Pinchas as a volunteer did for the CISS cause before."

"Let Jerald Jordan stay home and enjoy his retirement. He should stop teaching Donalda Ammons and John Lovett as to what to do in the CISS. It is too sad that Jerald Jordan ruined Lovett's and Ammons' special friendship relationship with Pinkhasov Pinchas in 2001."

"Why are John Lovett, Jerald Jordan and Donalda Ammons continuing to lie to the world that the CISS as an organization is being sued by Pinkhasov Pinchas? They are misinforming and deceiving the world. There should be no place for liars in the CISS administration!"

"My parents and I with much concern are watching the lawsuit case, in which Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas is alone battling the four different deaf people - defendants Mr. Jordan, Dr. Ammons, Mr.Lovett and their lawyer Mr. Kelby Brick. We were surprised to learn that four of these five people are the alumnus of Gallaudet University. We wonder whom does the Gallaudet University community support in this lawsuit case - theUSA-born Mr. Jordan ( according to our investigation, he graduated from Gallaudet in the year of 1948 ), Dr. Ammons ( 1974 ), Mr. Brick ( 1995 ), on the one side, and the former Soviet Union andUzbekistani-born 1979 graduate of Gallaudet University, Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas, on the other side?

"Lovett and Ammons must go because they violated so many CISS rules and they committed human rights abuses towards Pinkhasov Pinchas, a very valuable member of the deaf sports community."

"The time for the "big CISS three" - Lovett, Ammons and Jordan - has come up. They all must NOW get out of the CISS for good!"

"The nation of Uzbekistan is making its big mark in the history of the deaf world: they have produced its proudest son - Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas , who is a brave deaf intellectual. Such an extraordinary deaf man is born once in 100 years!"

"Bravo to the Uzbeks! I was in Rome in 2001 and there I saw the deaf Uzbeks dressed in their beautiful and traditional costumes dancing at the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies. Many thanks to Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas for bringing these fine 45 deaf athletes from Uzbekistan to Rome."

"Mr. Pinkhasov is strongly attached to his homeland of Uzbekistan and to the deaf Uzbeks there. So let him continue to represent his nation of Uzbekistan in any manner, including as a CISS Congress delegate. The "stock value" of the CISS will go up when it attracts the high-profile, contributing, productive and brilliant leaders like Mr. Pinkhasov!"

"We, the Russians will give a big kiss and huge bear hug to Rafael Pinkhasov in Sundsvall in case his Uzbekistani-submitted proposals - to eliminate Rule 7.E and to declare our favorite winter sports ( ice hockey and nordic skiing ) as the full medal sports events at the XVth Games - will get passed by the 38th CISS Congress delegates."

"It is a conflict of interest for Mr. Kelby Brick as a lawyer. He should not at the same time work for the NAD, its Law Center, on the one side, and represent the CISS and Lovett, Ammons and Jordan, on the other side. Who and what induced Mr. Brick to insult Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas by calling him as the"CISS persona-non-grata"? Mr. Brick should re-take his exams in order to re-qualify as a lawyer."

" I am feeling terrible about the other CISS EC members who are sleepy and not-open minded to the crises in the CISS administration Pinkhasov Pinchas brought up in the past e-mails. What about the German leaders who should be strong thinkers, although I do not know if I am wrong? Is it possible that because of the false propaganda created by Lovett, Ammons and Jordan that CISS delegates and other people are thinking that Pinkhasov Pinchas is trying to destroy the status of the CISS? That is a real bad concept. Pinkhasov Pinchas has to strongly repeat that he is supporting the CISS and its standings. Pinkhasov Pinchas has been strongly referring to the ineptness of the troika people ( Lovett, Ammons and Jordan ) who actually hurting the CISS structure."

"Keep up your good work, Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas. I am keeping an eye on your website. It is high time that Lovett ( I mean John Micheal Lovett ) needs to accept that there is no "two class" system in the Deaf communities. There is only one class in it, whether if you are poor or rich. He needs to accept for what they are, not to his taste or level of personality."

"What an injustice! What a hypocricy on the parts of Lovett, Ammons and Jordan! Lovett himself hid his own past as a mixed citizen/resident in 1967, while he and his accomplices have been with their too much discrimination campaigning to remove Pinkhasov Pinchas as a mixed citizen/resident from the CISS activities."

"Pinkhasov Pinchas as an articulate English language communicator and versatile sports expert will be a better CISS President!"

"Let Sundsvall be the site of the new, free and democratic election for the position of the CISS President. Let John Lovett face there the real challenge from Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas for the top CISS position."

"We will be in Sundsvall to watch the competitions at the Winter Games. We will, however, be very sick to see athletes getting medals at the medal podium from the hands of the illegally-elected CISS officials!"

"We see Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas, who knows excellent English, as a perfect and ideal deterrent to
the increasingly-expanding autocratic rule of both English-speaking CISS officers, Mr. Lovett and Dr. Ammons in the CISS administration. Let Mr. Pinkhasov Pinchas get elected to the CISS Executive Committee in Sundsvall and he will teach Lovett and Ammons as to how to work like a modern and open-minded sports administrator by sharing power in the equal, wise, cooperative and beneficial manner with every non-English-speaking member of the CISS Executive Committee."

"We investigated and found out that in the IOC there currently are the two IOC Executive Board members coming from the one and same country - Italy ( Franco Carraro and Ottavio Cinquanta)

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So, WHY NOT the USADSF nominate under special circumstances Pinkhasov Pinchas , who is also a New York, USA, resident, to the CISS Executive Committee on behalf of the sports-loving, multi-ethnic and immigrant nation of USA?"

"We planned to go to Sundsvall as tourists. But after reading the Pinchas story that there will not be 1,000 deaf athletes in Sundsvall, we are changing our plans and staying home. We also heard that there will be about 4,500 deaf athletes from 90 nations in the 2005 Summer Games in Australia. Is it a true information? Who is in the CISS creating these false public relations stunts to the world?"

"We believe that justice must be done in deciding as to "Who is CISS persona-non-grata"? We feel that the USADSF, ADSF and Uzbekistan deaf sport organization should stay away from this dispute.
But we feel that both Lovett and Ammons will not accept to agree to voluntarily submit to the full jurisdiction of the Court of Arbitration for Sport because they both know very well that they both will, as we see, be no a match to face the mighty, well-prepared and much smarter Pinkhasov Pinchas!"

"Because they are the anarchists of the CISS, no question, it is Lovett and Ammons who are "CISS personas-non-grata."

"We believe that the CISS should not be "owned" by any person. The CISS is the property of all CISS Congress delegates - CISS Nation Members. So, let the CISS Congress delegates to decide by themselves and through the secret voting ballot the controversial matters involving the four people - Pinkhasov Pinchas , Jordan, Lovett and Ammons."

"How about letting Lennart Edwall of Sweden, who is the much-revered and well-liked EDSO President and as a neutral deaf person, to lead a special panel that will work in reconciling
the opposing lawsuit parties - Pinkhasov Pinchas, on the one side, and Lovett, Ammons and Jordan, on the other side, in Sundsvall? May we also suggest to include on that panel the two prominent women ( in case both of these women will be in Sundsvall ) - Liisa Kauppinen of Finland, who is the World Federation of the Deaf President and Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins, who has excellent reputation as a honest deaf civil rights advocate and sports leader in the USA. The sooner the CISS solves this dispute inside the better."

"Should Lovett and Ammons again mistreat Pinkhasov Pinchas, a cool , intellectually strong and normally law-abiding citizen, in Sundsvall, they will pay a very heavy price later on for their continued human rights abuses against Pinkhasov Pinchas in the CISS."

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