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February 21, 2003

Two-Way Paging System Offers Lifeline for Hearing Impaired

From: KXTV, CA - 21 Feb 2003

The Sacramento Police Department took the wraps off a new facet of 911 emergency service on Thursday, as two-way paging service for use by the hearing impaired was inaugurated.

The system offers a new way to help the hearing impaired during an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the two-way pagers allow hearing impaired individuals to communicate with police dispatchers using text messages instead of speech.

Dispatchers in Sacramento's 911 center are enthusiastic about the adoption of the devices. "It doesn't matter where they are," said Judy Riner. "We can get in touch with the appropriate agency."

The Sacramento Police Department is the first agency in the area to provide the service. Dispatchers will monitor the pagers on a 24 hour basis. The address for pager owners to contact the 911 center is

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