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February 24, 2003

`Special needs' people to get war readiness

From: Ha'aretz, Israel - 24 Feb 2003

By Ruth Sinai

A booklet to assist people with special needs in the event of a missile attack on Israel has been published by the Home Front Command and the ministries responsible for dealing with people with disabilities.

As well as telephone numbers and the operating times of emergency helplines for the mentally and physically handicapped, the guide includes practical advice for preparing protected areas and special equipment. The booklet is also being brought out in braille.

For those with medical problems, the booklet recommends they keep medical notes and details of their medication, including reserve prescriptions, stored in a waterproof and fireproof container.

The deaf may obtain a beeper that transmits information from the Home Front Command in case of an emergency. The booklet's authors recommend that a hearing person stay with them in a protected place.

Motorized wheelchair users are urged to keep spare batteries and to ensure their protected room has a power point to reload them. Also, they are advised to prepare a bag containing a puncture-repair kit. Mentally handicapped people are recommended by the booklet to list the order emergency procedures and memorize them.

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