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February 28, 2003


From: United Press International - 28 Feb 2003

Sigrid Cerf is married to Vinton Cerf, the man who helped invent the core Internet technology. After 30 years of marriage and decades of deafness, Sigrid gained the ability to hear her husband after a cochlear implant.

Meanwhile, her husband is fascinated by the "computer-brain" connection the implants represent, the New Zealand Herald reports.

"It's the best example I've seen of electroneural technology. We can take that same understanding and pursue optical implants," he says.

Some 25 years away, Cerf estimates implants will be used to route nerve signals around the damaged portions of the spine.

"There are at least two people that I know who have implants that allow them to get up and walk. They were paraplegics," he says.

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