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February 25, 2003

Deaf-mute robbers behind bars

From: News24, South Africa - 25 Feb 2003

Hong Kong - Police in China have arrested a gang of 14 deaf-mute robbers who ran a sophisticated bag-snatching syndicate, a news report said on Tuesday.

The deaf-mutes would throw wires into the spokes of passing bicycles in Wuhan, Hubei, while accomplices would snatch the bags of the riders, according to the Hong Kong edition of the China Daily.

All the deaf-mute robbers were equipped with mobile phones which they used to exchange text messages on likely suspects, the newspaper said.

Fourteen of the deaf-mutes, including ringleader Zhang Hongfeng, were arrested by police last weekend. The gang was believed to exist of about 20 deaf-mute robbers in total.

Zhang reportedly ran his gang with "military-style management", sending them out at 7 a.m. sharp every day and making them surrender their loot to him and his lieutenants at 7 p.m. - DPA

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