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February 12, 2003

Deaf RX Launch

From: Deaf RX (Press Release) - 12 Feb 2003


It?s true! Deaf and hard of hearing Americans now can save up to 30 to 80% off high quality prescription drugs with the launch of mail order pharmacy. We are the first Canadian discount pharmacy to specifically serve the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Best of all, there?s no membership fee, no obligation, no age or income restrictions ? anyone can buy from us, and no hassles.

If you know anyone who can benefit from our low-cost medications and convenient services, we invite you to tell them about us.

Consumers can save considerably on most drugs that we sell. An example of our savings are:

DRUG (condition treats) U.S. Pharmacy DEAFRX.COM SAVINGS

Lipitor (cholesterol) $306 $185 40%

Prilosec (heartburn) $410 $196 52%

Celebrex (arthritis) $127 $69 46%

Paxil (depression) $290 $151 48%

(Prices in US$ effective 1/3/03; subject to change. Prices tabulated when quantities offered differ. Costs exclude shipping fees. charges $12.95 shipping fee per package (not per drug).)

?and, check our website at or call us toll-free for costs on other drugs. We carry almost every drug that an American pharmacy does.

Who We Serve
As a Deaf businessperson, wife and mother, I understand that there are many members of our community in the U.S. that can benefit from our low drug costs including:
Uninsured and underinsured seniors
People living with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, AIDS and other chronic health conditions
Self-employed and unemployed people
College students and other young people with no or inadequate drug coverage

How We Work
The basic steps for placing an order are:

1# Visit our website or call our toll-free TTY at
1-888-431-1135, to obtain your free drug price quote.

2# Fill out the forms on the website. Fax or mail the forms, printed from the website, to us with a copy of the prescription. Payment is accepted by Visa or MasterCard.

3# About 14 to 21 days later, the customer receives his or her order in their mailbox.

Help Others To Save
We?d appreciate you telling your members, relatives and friends about our convenient and low-cost services. And, they don?t have to be Deaf or hard of hearing to buy from us.

To help you get started, feel free to tell them to visit our website to learn more.

Why Our Costs Are So Low is in Canada, a country where our government limits the prices that drug companies and pharmacies can charge for drugs. Our high quality drugs are made by the same companies that you know and trust like Pharmacia, Pfizer, Wyeth-Ayerst and others. In comparison, prescription drugs in the U.S. are priced at whatever level the consumer can bear. That leads the costs there to be considerably higher.

What?s Next
After reviewing this information and visiting us online, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at or call our toll-free TTY at 1-888-431-1135 (days) and 1-877-516-6115 (evenings and weekends).

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you ? and to save you considerable money on your drug expenses in this New Year and beyond.

May 2003 be healthy and prosperous for you.


Loretta Wall