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February 25, 2003

DAMAX International Teams With United Plastics Group to Manufacture Revolutionary New Handset Antenna

From: PRNewswire (press release) - 25 Feb 2003

New Technology Eliminates Nearly 100 Percent of Cellphone Signal Loss to the
Hand and Head - Makes Handsets Noise-free for People Who Wear Hearing Aids

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- DAMAX International, developer of a
revolutionary new cellphone antenna technology, and United Plastics Group
(UPG), one of the world's largest manufacturers of injection molded products
for cellphones, today announced a strategic alliance in which UPG will
manufacture DAMAX antennas, and assist the company in sale of its antennas
"The new technology eliminates nearly 100 percent of handset signal loss
to the hand and head, more than doubles battery life, and reduces dropped
calls. It also makes digital handsets, for the first time, hearing aid-
compatible because it directs nearly 100 percent of handset's signals, which
cause the noise, away from the head," said Greg Johnson, DAMAX chief
technology officer.
"Compared to the noise generated by signals emitted from a handset's
standard antenna, tests by one of the world's largest hearing aid
manufacturers using two popular new digital handsets showed DAMAX antennas
eliminated interference with all of the hearing aids tested," said Johnson.
"We look for home-run opportunities and DAMAX has a bona-fide winner with
their breakthrough antenna product," said Joe Parlett, vice president,
Electronics, for UPG. "Their designs are well-suited to our high volume
engineering and production capabilities, as well as an excellent fit for our
sales teams. I believe the technology is destined to assist manufacturers and
carriers in gaining a competitive edge in this fiercely competitive market."
UPG operates 11 state-of-the-art engineering and production facilities in
the U.S., Mexico, United Kingdom, and China. DAMAX antennas will be installed
by UPG inside special handset back plates designed to keep user hands off the
antenna, and matched to fit some of the latest model handsets sold worldwide.
Billed as the most powerful cellphone antennas in the world, DAMAX
antennas will be introduced to the market in the second quarter of 2003.
"The really good news for more than 14 million people in the U.S. and
European Union, and millions more worldwide who wear hearing aids is they can
now use digital handsets noise-free," said Bill Luxon, DAMAX chief executive

Older Handset Antennas May Become Obsolete
"Cellphone antennas today transmit signals in all directions at once
causing handsets to lose half of their signal strength to the hand and head,"
said Johnson. "This signal loss wastes battery power and reduces each
handset's ability to communicate with cell sites, which can cause poor
reception and dropped calls. We fix this problem by more than doubling
battery life, providing better call quality, and more than doubling the range
of the phones.
"Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified lab reports also show
DAMAX antennas reduced SAR levels for PCS and GSM handsets to as low as
0.0033, nearly eliminating SARs for the handsets tested. Other tests also
showed SAR as low as 0.121 for AMPS, 800 TDMA, and PCS TDMA in 824-849 MHz and
1850-1910 MHz, which represents levels nearly 100 percent below the 1.6 watts
per kilogram limit set by the FCC," said Johnson.

About DAMAX International
DAMAX International, headquartered in Las Vegas, develops, markets and
sells the revolutionary DAMAX antenna technology products. For more
information, contact: (877) 897-5001 or .

About United Plastics Group, Inc.
United Plastics Group, Inc., headquartered in Westmont, Ill., is a full
service manufacturer of precision plastics products and value-added services
for the industrial, automotive, medical, electronics, and consumer markets.
United Plastics Group operates state-of-the-art facilities in California,
Illinois, Massachusetts, Mexico, Minnesota, Texas, the United Kingdom, and

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