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February 4, 2003

Closed-captioning software released for Mac OS X

From: MacWorld - 04 Feb 2003

by Dennis Sellers,
February 4, 2003 9:40 am ET

Leapfrog Productions has released CCaptionPro, their closed-captioning software application for Mac OS X. CCaptionPro is a general purpose caption editing software application that adds closed and open captions to digital video, closed captions to DVD MPEG-2 video, and generates subtitle files for DVD authoring packages such as Apple's DVD Studio Pro.

For example, CCaptionPro can be used to directly insert closed captions into MPEG-2 video assets so that users of DVD Studio Pro can add closed captions to their DVDs, according to Jeff Schriebman, the creator of CCaptionPro. Also, the same closed captioning data can be used to generate DVD subtitles.

CCaptionPro is sold as a standalone product and includes Leapfrog Productions' existing closed-captioning solution for generating closed captions for Avid and Media 100 video editing systems. A version of CCaptionPro that only permits adding captions to digital video, called CCaptionPro-DV, is also available.

CCaptionPro has a suggested retail price of US$895, while CCaptionPro-DV is available for $495; educational discounts are also available. CCaptionPro for Mac OS X is available now from Leapfrog Productions. Demo copies can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

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