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January 30, 2003

WPSD Sixth-Grader Plays Varsity

From: WTAE-TV, PA - 30 Jan 2003

PITTSBURGH -- Given name his first name, it's no suprise that Jordan Cheadle is a good basketball player.

So good that the sixth-grader is playing varsity basketball.

But WTAE's Andrew Stockey reported that what makes Cheadle and his teammates special is not what you see, but rather what they don't hear.

Cheadle plays for the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Edgewood.

The Clairton teen is also a student of the game, which is why his coach promoted him.

Troy Verner, WPSD's head coach, told Stockey that he wanted Jordan to have the experience and to grow up watching the skilled players because he is the team's future.

Cheadle told Stockey that, in the summer, he plays against his brother and he learned from his dad and his uncle.

Cheadle also said he wants to play pro basketball someday, just like his favorite player and namesake, Michael Jordan.

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