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January 24, 2003

Update: Pinchas vs. Jordan,Ammons,Lovett -2003 Deaflympic Winter Games

From: DeafSportLawsuit - 24 Jan 2003


Picture the following scene:

March 1,2003, Nordichallen Stadium, Sundsvall, Sweden

Many spectators - deaf and non-deaf - from all over the world are eagerly watching the Opening Ceremony festivities of the XVth Deaflympic Winter Games, in which they are with their heightened anticipation, enthusiasm and excitement wildly rooting for "approximately 1,000 deaf athletes from at least 25 countries". But gradually these spectators realize that just about 200 deaf athletes coming from just about 15 countries are in fact entering the stadium premises during these colorful Ceremonies.

Well, these many spectators are feeling disappointed or betrayed by the misleading information which they received via the flashy website over the last several months.

Where and how have John Lovett and Donalda Ammons - the current CISS administrators-anarchists - gotten these figures of "approximately 1,000 athletes and 25 countries"? For what purpose have they allowed themselves to publicize these statistically-dreamy and concoctingly-inflated figures on their website?

Historically, in the past, primarily because of the smallness of our deaf winter sports world, there has always been a relatively limited number of athletes and nations competing in the Winter Games. For instance, at the last Games held in Davos, Switzerland, there were 208 athletes from 17 nations. The 1995 Games edition held in the cities of Yllas/Rovaniemi, Finland saw 220 athletes from 17 nations, while in 1991, the mountain town of Banff, Canada witnessed nearly 150 athletes from 14 nations. Moreover, 53 years ago, in 1949, when the Winter Games were inaugurated, the small Austrian alpine town of Seefeld welcomed 33 deaf competitors from just 5 countries.

Now, upon learning of the above facts, will you innately be annoyed with a false publicity stunt or untrue propaganda, which the Lovett-Ammons-managed CISS Home Office has since July, 2002, very irresponsibly been continuing to publicize on its website ( log on to www.deaflympics. com/about.asp ), will not you?

There is another huge uncertainty which is facing the coming Winter Games.

Many people still have no idea whether there will be sufficient number of sportsmen and sportswomen who have expressed their interest in participating in the alpine skiing, snowboarding and nordic skiing events in Sundsvall. It is also still under big question mark, that is, will these three sports - nordic skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding - receive the official medal event status at the Games because it is still uncertain whether each of these sports will meet the requirement of the Lovett-Ammons-produced Deaflympic Games Rule 7.E?

We do already know that the fourth sport on the Winter Games program - ice hockey - has not met the requirement of the Rule 7. E. ( read ). Because of insufficient number of competitors, another sport - speed skating - is already being excluded from the program of the 2003 Winter Games.

Strangely and with much suspicion, to this minute, that is, exactly five ( 5 ) weeks away from the start of the Winter Games in Sundsvall, the CISS Home Office has not released to the world the list of the number of athletes and nations/regions entered in each of these events at the coming Games.

What is the reason for such an information secrecy or public non-disclosure by the CISS Home Office? Could it be possible that the certain CISS officials, especially the ones who invented and advocated the acceptance of the so-called Rule 7.E, are beginning to feel insecure or embarrassed because such a rule is proving to be an unworkable, damaging and unrealistic rule? Or, are the architects of the already-obnoxious Rule 7.E afraid to get "heavily slapped on their faces" by those who are planning to attend the coming Games in Sundsvall and who may rampantly criticize them as the ineffective and unreliable members of the CISS Legal Commission for their highly-questionable work with such a rule drafting?

In the past, I have, as you may already know, four times addressed the issue of the Rule 7.E through my website ( read ).

Have my earlier comments regarding Rule 7.E been justifying and accurate ones? We will get a definite and clear answer after we witness the start of the competitions in four different sports on March 1, 2003 in Sundsvall!

For educational and comparative purposes, our brethren from the European Deaf Sport Organization ( EDSO) have, for instance, in advance announced to the world the preliminary entries of this year's European championships in Athletics to be held in Tallin, Estonia. That is, the championships in Athletics will take place during the days of July 13-19, 2003, while the EDSO released the preliminary statistics, that is, the number of entries/ nations in each event on September,12 2002 ( read ), which has been nearly ten ( 10 ) months before the start of these championships!

Why can not the CISS Home Office do the same with the advance 2003 Winter Games preliminary statistics release to the public through their two different websites - and - in timely manner?

Bravo to the EDSO officials for their professional work! Both Lovett and Ammons, no question, need to learn something or get tutoring lessons from the EDSO administrators!

On the other hand, it is an already known-fact that ice hockey has, for example, failed to meet the criteria of the Rule 7.E because there are six teams representing just two regions which expressed their interest of competing in the event in Sundsvall.

Interestingly, the CISS took the two-faced attitude and confused stance with ice hockey. Ammons, as the CISS Secretary General, again handled the matter in an unintelligent, unprofessional and inept manner.

Let me elaborate further.

Recently, the two different National Sports Associations voluntarily delivered to me the copies of the two letters typed and signed by the CISS Secretary General. These letters were dated December 10, 2001, and January 4, 2002.

The December 10, 2001 letter stated that six nations - Sweden, USA, Canada, Russia, Finland and Germany from the two regions of Europe and the Americas - have registered for the 2003 Winter Games ice hockey tournament and that "due to the rule 7. E of Deaflympic Regulations that were adopted by a formal vote at the Rome Congress the sport of ice hockey must be cancelled for the 15th Winter Deaflympics in 2003 in Sundsvall, Sweden."

The second letter of January 4, 2002, however, had such opposing contents,

"In response to formal petitions filed by two CISS nation members and CISS Technical Director - Ice Hockey, requesting that the sport of ice hockey be reinstated for the 2003 Winter Deaflympic Games in Sundsvall, the CISS Executive Committee carefully studied the case as presented by the petitioners.
The CISS Executive Committee members voted by electronic mail in favor of suspending the rule of 5 nations and 3 regions for the 2003 Winter Deaflympic Games and asked that the rule be on the agenda at the CISS Congress in Sundsvall for further discussion.
Now, I ( Ammons ) officially announce that ice hockey will be played as a medal sport in Sundsvall in 2003".

Who gave Ammons on January 4, 2002, the authority to "officially announce" by disregarding the Rule 7.E and by allowing the sport of ice hockey to "be played as a medal sport in Sundsvall in 2003"?

As I wrote above, the CISS Secretary General handled the ice hockey matter in an incompetent and confused manner.In order to serve the CISS professionally, sophisticatedly and efficiently, has anyone in the CISS Executive Committee ever thought of such an idea: let Ammons take additional training or internship as a Secretary General in the administrative offices of the International Olympic Committee or in the reputable international sports organizations like the IAAF or the FIFA?

While I am very supportive of inclusion of ice hockey and other sports on the program of the Winter Games, I do strongly believe that to do something with the Rule 7.E suspension or elimination it must be done in a constitutionally appropriate and legal way. That was the key reason as to why my Uzbekistani National Sports Association, by utilizing the CISS Constitution Rules 10.2.7, and 15, made a last-minute proposal to the coming 38th CISS Congress - to debate and then completely repeal the Rule 7.E. in Sundsvall.

I am confident that, barring unforeseen circumstances, this proposal and other four different proposals submitted via the National Sports Association of Uzbekistan to the 38th Congress, will be favorably accepted by the Congress delegates in Sundsvall next month. I am hopeful on the passage of these five important proposals because these proposals will be aimed at restoring law, order, rules compliance and enforcement inside the CISS structure ( that is, a proposal to ban Lovett and Ammons from participating in the 2003 CISS Workshop and 38th Congress as the illegally elected CISS President and Secretary General, respectively ). The other four proposals - the complete Rule 7.E elimination, naming four winter sports on the Winter Games program in Sundsvall as full medal sports, the 4/2 World Championship rule formula acceptance and officially awarding of the gold, silver and bronze medals to the teams from USA, Lithuania and Greece , which finished first, second and third, respectively, at the First World Women's Basketball Championship held in 2002 in Athens, Greece - will serve for betterment and advancement of the deaf sports worldwide. These five proposals will also be done in the best interests of the proper CISS administrative management and expanded Deaflympic Games competitions..

Here is another subject that may receive prominent attention among those persons who will be in Sundsvall next month.

Recently, I spent considerable amount of my time in my homeland of Uzbekistan. The major news is that, on the eve of next month's start of the 38th CISS Congress, the entire Board of the Uzbekistani Sport Organization of the Deaf unanimously voted to nominate my name for the vacant position of the CISS Vice President. They also nominated my name for the position of the CISS Secretary General ( that is, in the event such a new, paid and non-voting position gets approval from the CISS Congress delegates in Sundsvall ).

Guess, what kind of reaction to this news was received from the troika of lawsuit defendants - Lovett, Ammons and Jerald Jordan?

Predictably, as was the case two years ago, this troika has gotten alarmingly upset and extremely livid about the news from Tashkent. In order to continue to satisfy the PERSONAL NEEDS AND ETERNAL DESIRES OF JERALD JORDAN, the three defendants, through their attorney, swiftly contacted via the e-mail system one top sports official in Tashkent. They, among the other things, warned that Uzbekistani official that "Pinkhasov Pinchas will not be allowed to take part in the CISS Congress proceedings because he "blatantly, deliberately and intentionally violated Section 15 of the CISS Constitution" and that Pinkhasov Pinchas, because of the pending lawsuit case, "is considered a persona non grata at all CISS events including the CISS Congress".

What kind of a CISS Rule violation did I commit by filing the lawsuit? And what kind of "a crime" did I ever commit in the CISS?

It seems that the troika of defendants has a very different interpretation of the Rule 15. If this is the case, then sooner or later, the world will know as to who will prevail by accurately and correctly interpreting the meaning of the Rule 15 in the CISS Constitution - a plaintiff named Pinkhasov Pinchas or the troika of defendants named Lovett, Ammons and Jordan?

Well, we will see as to how the troika of defendants, with the covert aid of their cronies, co-conspirators and collaborators in the CISS, will handle my coming presence, participation and nomination at the Workshop and Congress sessions. It remains to be seen whether the troika of defendants will commit another potential act - a new fireable offense - against Pinkhasov Pinchas. Specifically, will this Lovett-led troika again deny the CISS Congress delegates the chance and opportunity to debate and vote freely, openly and democratically on the still-controversial matter of Pinkhasov Pinchas as "a CISS persona-non-grata"? Or, will the troika of defendants allow the Congress itself to decide the Pinkhasov Pinchas matter in the strict compliance of a certain CISS Constitution rule?

Let's wait and see as to what will happen in Sundsvall during the 2003 CISS Workshop and 38th CISS Congress proceedings and XVth Deaflympic Winter Games competitions.

One thing I can now assure you of is that there will not definitely be "approximately 1,000 deaf athletes from at least 25 countries" in Sundsvall!

Sportingly Yours,

Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas