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January 6, 2003


From: 0CDAC - 06 Jan 2003

Once again Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center has passed down high
honors to people with disabilities for their contributions to our

These people have been chosen for their courage and bravery in the
challenging fight for fairness, equality, and justice. Some of these
people have made huge personal sacrifices testing the limits of the
laws. Some of these people are noted for their ability to provide
support and resources. These people are true soldiers in the fight for
our rights.


Volunteer Of The Year = Margie Garetz

Margie, a wonderful lady, has helped our organization a number of times
this year and has made contributions to the development of our
communications assistance services.


Deaf Californian Of The Year = Stacey Hughes

Stacey, an extraordinary lady, has been there for a number of deaf
organizations with their fundraising needs. Her fundraising projects has
benefited a number of deaf organizations in California.


Deaf Man Of The Year = Stephen Sutton

Stephen, one of the best guys around, always has been on our side when
it comes to challenges and has provided us with information that helped
us with our negotiations in our journey to make the world a better place
for the deaf and disabled.


Deaf Woman Of The Year = Heidi Aulenbach

Heidi, a wonderful lady, has been one of our mightyiest resources and
has opened our organization into new frontiers in the area of advocacy.


Advocate of The Year = Seymour Bernstein

Seymour, an extraordinary man, He's proven himself to be an independent,
open, and understanding director under the GLAD system and I commend him
for his contributions to safety, health, and productivity of the deaf in
the Riverside (CSDR) area.


Deaf Worker of The Year = Steve Karlan

Steve, a fantastic guy, has made himself a valiant role model for those
who want to pursue justice in the workplace. He's a genuine fighter for
deaf rights at the workplace.


These people are the gears that work tirelessly together with us to make
positive results that helps people with hearing disabilities get the
same opportunities to a safe, healthy, and productive living as everyone
else. Whatever size they are or direction these gears rotate, they all
work together as an engine that pushes the deaf and disability
communities toward the promised land of fairness, equality, and justice
for everyone!