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January 13, 2003

Next 'Survivor' To Have a Deaf Player

From: Yahoo News - 13 Jan 2003

By The Associated Press

NEW YORK - The next "Survivor" will have a few firsts. One of the players is deaf, the first time someone's had a physical disability. Also, the tribes are divided by men and women.

Producer Mark Burnett told TV Guide he would have cast her whether she could hear or not. He says "she's a good character." And, "it would be discriminatory not to bring her on because we were too nervous."

As for the division of the tribes, Burnett says "the men clearly are physically stronger." But, that might not mean much. Burnett says "the women could bond better and the men's testosterone and ego could get in the way."

"Survivor: The Amazon," the game's sixth edition, will premiere on CBS next month. The show won the award for the best reality-based television program at the 29th Annual People's Choice Awards on Sunday.

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