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January 20, 2003

New Sign Language Resource

From: Signing Online, LLC - 20 Jan 2003

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: revolutionizes the way people learn sign language

Mason, MI - January 20, 2003 - Signing Online, LLC has launched a revolutionary new learning web site, The web site brings sign language education to anyone with an Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Thirty million Americans have some degree of hearing loss," said David Stewart, CEO of Signing Online and a prolific author/educator of the deaf and hard of hearing. "Many people have complained in the past that they have no time to take a sign language course, or no courses are offered where they live, or they feel intimidated sitting in a classroom. Signing Online addresses these concerns."

At its launch, contains a series of four American Sign Language (ASL) courses that teaches the basic skills to become fluent in signing. "Once people have successfully completed the Signing Online ASL courses, they will have made a solid entry into the world of sign language. They will be able to carry on a conversation, understand the basics of ASL grammar, and be in a good position to decide whether they wish to pursue further their interest in learning sign language," said Stewart.

The affordable interactive courses are designed for anyone including parents and friends of deaf and hard of hearing people, workers from service industries who want to serve their customers better, professionals such as social workers, home-schoolers who are interested in learning a new language, and the millions of people who are simply curious about this fascinating language.

"Sign language is different from spoken languages because it is a visual language and it is difficult, if not impossible to learn from a book alone. Static images on a page and text just do not convey the flow and motion of the language," said Brian Winn, CTO of Signing Online. "Signing Online makes extensive use of new digital video technology. The marriage of this video technology and interactive capabilities will soon make sign language textbooks obsolete."

Signing Online is currently developing additional courses that will teach fingerspelling, religious signs, sports signs, and signs for emergency workers.

"We are opening doors for people to learn a new language in the comfort of their home or their local library or while having a coffee at an Internet cafe. It's fun, practical, educational, and readily available," declares Stewart.

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