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January 16, 2003

Fedotova finally wins Oxbridge place

From: Oxford Student, UK - 16 Jan 2003

James Coatsworth

ANASTASIA FEDOTOVA, THE deaf student from Manchester who had her application to Brasenose college rejected in 2001, has been offered a place at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Anna famously achieved 6 A grades at A-Level and found herself at the centre of a media storm, which once again brought into question whether Oxford is as inclusive as it claims to be.

Anna's place to study mathematics is still provisional as she will first have to pass "STEP" papers in mathematics. Sixth Term Examination Papers are used by Cambridge as an entry requirement for certain courses as they feel A-Levels fail to distinguish the very best candidates from the rest.

Anna is optimistic about her chances in the STEP papers: "In my Maths class people took them and did well, I just hope the same applies to me."

Bethan Stephens, of St Anne's, a friend of Anna's and fellow deaf student, revealed to the OxStu that she is very proud of Anna and added: "I just hope that this raises some awareness that deaf people cannot always present themselves to the best of their ability as a hearing person can."

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