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January 18, 2003


January 15, 2003

Contact: D. McClintock,


A new deaf comic book is now available!

The new deaf comic book is called PAH-CHAMP! Its
purpose is to become an anthology for deaf
cartoonists. The first issue of PAH-CHAMP! was put out
last November, 2002. PAH-CHAMP!is dedicated to
recognition and appreciation of comics as an art
form, education of youth and the hearing who are
interested in Deaf Culture and sign language, and
showcase of deaf art. It is open to all ages and

The creator and artist, Dan McClintock, graduate of
Rochester Institute of Technology, is currently
preparing the second and third issues, which will be
released consecutively this Spring and Summer. The
second issue will feature two female cartoonists,
Kendra Harness and Maureen Klusza. Kendra Harness drew
comic strips for DEAF USA in the late '80s. Some
of you may have seen Maureen Klusza's cartoons in
SILENT NEWS and DEAFNATION in the '90s. The third
issue will feature more deaf artists from around

Here, PAH-CHAMP! is presenting a big opportunity for
deaf artists to get recognized! Submissions are
welcome. For guidelines and deadline information,
please contact Dan at

Any other inquiries are welcome.

The new homepage,, will open soon in
due time. For viewing or ordering the first issue of
PAH-CHAMP!, please go to