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December 13, 2002

UC Berkeley Art Museum- 2 Interpreted tours

From: "D.E.A.F. Media" - 13 Dec 2002

Forward of info from Patty Lessard....

The UC Berkeley Art Museum will have 2 ASL interpreted exhibits in February. The first one will be on the deaf artist, James Castle. There will be several pieces of his artwork and some of his books available for viewing. I will be interpreting for the docent that day, a woman who has worked for a long time researching this interesting man. He did not attend a school for the deaf for very long, or any school for that matter, and so his art reflects his view of many things in his world. It is a very interesting collection.

You may have received a message from me earlier this year about the lecture on Castle this past fall -- a lecture that was done with only slides of his work. I asked that they have another session with a display of his pieces and they agreed! It has taken some time to get this all in place. Thank you for your patience. The museum is wheel chair accessible, and if you need other assistance, let me know so we can make arrangements.

Feb 22
James Castle in Context
1:30 Sign-language Interpreted Tour

Feb 23
Fred Wilson: Objects and Installations
1:30 Sign-language Interpreted Tour

Kendra Keller will be interpreting for the second exhibit which is happening in conjunction with the Pacific Film Archives film festival. (PFA is located across the street from the museum) I understand that the PFA film festival will include films of/by/about deaf people. Don't have the details on that, but I am sure you can go to their website and check it out.

As always, if you can think of someone who would enjoy going to one of these events, please pass this message on to them.